Artist-turned-designer Payal Khandwala has transformed her love of saris into a brilliant new collection of reversible saris.

Naming it after her own zodiac sign, the Gemini collection features saris that have designs on both sides of the pallu that extend the length of the sari while the body of the sari is the same. Welcome to the world of the reversible sari!

“This duality lends itself perfectly to my own personality and this twin zodiac,” Khandwala writes in an Instagram post previewing the new collection. “Unpredictable, versatile and expressive it allows the wearer greater freedom and flexibility.”

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Khandwala cites the intelligent, non-conformist woman as her muse, and she designs with luxury and comfort in mind. This new sari is definitely the epitome of luxury, with its minimalist design and versatility, it conforms to the philosophy of Khandwala’s brand.

“As a Gemini and a sari lover, I’ve always wondered how to make the sari even more multipurpose than it already is,” Khandwala writes in her Instagram post, “What if we could wear the same sari twice? With the same drape and same blouse yet somehow make it look different both times? How does one innovate an Indian essential that is already perfect?”

She put her creativity to work in her efforts to decipher an innovative way to extend the life of a sari. She wanted to be able to give women a way to reuse the sari like you could separate pieces to make a new outfit. Her reversible sari is handwoven in such a way that it can be worn on the opposite side.

Khandwala’s Gemini collection also includes a line of blouses as well as sleeveless tops, wraps, tunics, and waistcoats.

“Our pleated shapes are very inclusive when it comes to sizes; this makes them a great go-to option for alternates to blouses,” Khandwala told Vogue India. “They sit close to the body to contrast the volume of the sari, but they remove the hassle of the fitted blouse, as they expand and contract generously to fit.”

Khandwala’s designs tend to have a unique touch as her approach to fashion is through the eyes of an artist. With a background in Fine Arts and Fashion, she is skilled in marrying colors, combining textures, developing minimalistic designs that are still dramatic. She grew up in Mumbai and has gone to school in both New York and Barcelona which allows her to creatively apply a global aesthetic to her designs.

Timeless style with an Indian soul is what we can always expect from Khandwala’s collections.


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