You can now Wear Your Culture on Your Sleeve Thanks to These Brands

South Asians designers and artists are making moves in the field of fashion. Influencers Lilly Singh, Babbu the Painter, Anu Chouhan of Anumation, and so many more desis are selling amazing merchandise which gives your the opportunity to wear your heart and culture on your sleeve!

Quite literally drawing from their heritage, religion, and hyphenated identity as a source of inspiration and art, these talented designers have created some dope AF casual wear.

1. Brown Man T-shirt

Brown Man Clothing Co. offers a little something for everyone with their funky desi culture inspired tees. They have separate collections for men and women with images of bhangra dancers and dhols and fun sayings such as “Eat. Sleep. Butter Chicken” or “Kabbadi & Crown.”

Check out more Brown Man apparel here.

2. Jalaby

Jalaby has been killing the game with their designs! They are empowering while simultaneously entertaining. Jalaby aspires to bring you “pop culture desi style” as their tagline says. Their desi Wonder Woman inspired tee has been one of the most popular pieces among fans. They also have quirky designs with caricatures of Bollywood film scenes and famous South Asians like Zayn Malik.

Get your own Jalaby apparel here.

3. Babbu the Painter

Babneet Lakhesar is a skilled painter who took her creativity to the next level by turning her art into clothing. She paints jackets with her designs and has created a line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and iPhone covers making her artwork easy to showcase.

Her Bakwaas Collection smacks you in the face with its “no effs given” statement. Lakhesar’s hand painted items like tiffins, kettles, dresses, jackets, bags and more are all embossed with the words “Bakwaas” crudely written.

Get your own piece of the Bakwaas Collection here.

COME JOIN BABBU AND @CANONCANADA ON THIS JOURNEY🙈😘 . . I started a hand-painted jacket project about two years ago. It was a way for me to wear my art on my sleeve literally and share it with everyone around me. Soon enough my jackets became my favorite pieces in my closet. They became my alter egos. So I’ve teamed up with @canoncanada to bring you the process of my babies! The versatility of this camera allows me to film everything from picking out the jacket to painting and then finessing it! This camera allows me to tell my ‘day in the life story’! Come Join Babbu and Canon on this Journey! Shot on my Eos M100. #EOSM #canoncanada, #sponsored WHOSE YOUR ALTER EGO? Share your story! Check the link in my bio for more info!🤙🏽

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4. Hatecopy

Maria Qamar is the artist behind the Hatecopy persona. She uses Andy Warhol style pop-art to comedically portray “aunties” and life as a Pakistani-Canadian woman. Hatecopy’s apparel has the same badass features of her artwork.

Her collaboration with Babbu the Painter to create the “Bad Beti” collection has gone viral. The skull head adorned with South Asian jewelry has become synonymous with a fierce Desi girl who is independent.

Take a look at Hatecopy’s collection for yourself here.


5. Roots Gear

Roots Gear has gained popularity with their collaboration with urban desi artist Raxstar to create the “Hanji Hello” collection. Recently the company has also collaborated with singer Mickey Singh for a “Yaar Tera Lit” collection and rapper Fateh for a special collection in honor of his album, “To Whom it May Concern.” Aside from working with artists for merchandise, the company has its own collection of apparel with edgy graphics that blend western pop culture with eastern traditions like their “woke” shirt with the eyes of a desi girl. 

Check out all that Roots Gear has to offer here. 

6. Brown Rang

Brown Rang Tees may be one of the older companies on this list, they have been making South Asian inspired T-shirts for quite some time. From their ever-popular “Ghar” shirts to their “Tu Rehnde” shirts, they have a little something for everybody. There are also Bollywood inspired apparel like their Ranjnikanth shirts and they even offer baby clothes so you and the little one can match!

Check out Brown Rang Tees to get your own “ABCD: American Born Cute Desi” tee for you and your baby! 

Agni Style

Agni Style by Neha Kapil is just as their tagline says its “fire for the fearless.” Kapil is an Indian American visual artist who started her career as a painter and graphic designer. She uses her abilities to create apparel that breaks barriers and are innovative. Looking at her designs, it is safe to say she definitely hits the mark.

She combines elements like superimposing popular Bollywood icons in unusual forms. Just check out this “Once Upon a TimeI Used to Care” tee featuring Bollywood icon Rekha with her middle finger up. 

7. Anumation

Anu Chouhan is an illustrator and mobile game artist who has recently taken on fashion by creating visuals for apparel. Chouhan’s work has a cartoon-like appeal, and she creates anime-style characters for comics.

The talented creator has turned some of her prints into fashion with new merchandise! She doesn’t have too many pieces out as of yet, but the few tops and bags she does have are pretty damn cute. Check out Anumation’s online shop for yourself! 

9. Pakistani Martha Stewart

Saher Sohail, popularly known by her social media handle, The Pakistani Martha Stewart, is already a viral digital artist. Similar to Hatecopy, she too uses her hyphenated identity to produce comedic digital art. Her artwork is not just funny but also thought-provoking. She touches on topics like the burden of society’s expectations on desi women and the unreasonable criticism they face from “you’ve gotten healthy, beta” to “learn to compromise” when it comes to marriage proposals.

Sohail has taken her art to the world of fashion with a collection of sweaters, sweatshirts, beanies, and T-shirts on her Etsy shop. Check out all the hilarious merchandise here.

1-800-Tu rehnde Shop on my Etsy shop! Link in my profile and link is also in my Instastory!

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10. Next Ummah

Next Ummah is a streetwear brand that blends pop culture references with eastern and Islamic vibes like their “Duas from the 6ix” shirt that features Drake and their Malcolm X T-shirt that features the leader as an X-Men. We can’t forget about their halal love-story sweaters and shirts that say “My dad wants to talk to your dad.”

Next Ummah adds a modern touch to Islam inspired fashion, check out more of their collection here.

Alhamdulillah. Shop this tee 👉🏼 link in our bio #nextummah

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11. 5 Pillars

Need a halal but modern look for when you meet that next rishta? 5 Pillars has you covered!

5 Pillars is a streetwear brand founded by Farukh Ershad. He brings some eastern flavor into modern streetwear with Islamic inspired geometric art, Arabic text, and Islamic phrases like “Bismillah.” His “hub” collection is pretty popular, “hub” means love and it is written out in Arabic on sweatshirts, joggers, and hats. Influences like Babbu the Painter and Hasan Piker of “The Young Turks” rock the 5 Pillars line as well.

Check out all 5 Pillars has to offer here.


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