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Winnie Harlow Looks Sizzling in a Bikini as She Visits Tropical Bliss in Jamaica

Winnie Harlow took to Instagram to share a new series of pictures in a bikini while she enjoyed herself on the private beach of Tropical Islands.

Winnie Harlow Posing With a Coconut

Winnie the 27-year-old model posted a series of sizzling pictures on her social media and her fans and following cannot keep calm. The likes and comments on the posts are already flowing and Winnie perfectly posing in her bikini looked unapologetically beautiful.

The first pictures of the series showcased the model looking chic as she posed on a boat with a coconut in her hand. A small clip followed the picture where Winni jumped from the same boat and enjoyed the water on the private beach.

The new bikini series not only featured the model in a thong bikini but also beautiful backgrounds on the sea, the sunset shot with her posing on the boat just looked splendid.

The last picture of this latest post sparked the frenzy as the model posed in her tiny bikini and took a sip from the coconut. The fierce looks and poses of Winnie are what keep the fans waiting for the latest pictures and updates.

In another post, the model flaunted her purple bikini alongside Shanon and both of them on the boat’s edge just looked perfect in the serene background.

The Shoot Location

In the post, Harlow tagged the location as well. All her recent pictures were taken at Tropical Bliss, a private beach in Jamaica, serving the Jamaican dishes all under the warmth of the sun with crystal amidst the Caribbean Sea.

The official Instagram page of the location even posted a picture with the model thanking her for her visit to the beautiful sea of Montego Bay. “Big shout out to @winnieharlow for visiting Tropical Bliss located along the beautiful sea of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Can’t wait for your next visit!! “#jamaicangirl #tropicalbliss #beautifulsea #vacation #dreamdestinationsja”

Embracing all the Flaws: Redefining Beauty

Winnie was four years old when she was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin condition under which patches are caused on the skin due to loss of pigment. Although the model has not talked about her disease, but she did claim that her career isn’t affected by the disease.

The Jamaican Canadian fashion model has never shied away from her condition and has been a spokesperson for her skin condition. In 2014 she gained prominence as a contestant on the 21st cycle of the U.S. TV show America’s Next Top Model.

The model who was bullied in her school years has found abiding courage and strength to continue and change the perspective of what defines someone as beautiful.

Winnie’s Career

What made Winnie kick start her career was when Tyra Banks discovered her on Instagram and recognised Winnie’s qualities. Tyra was the one who asked Winnie to become the first-ever Canadian contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and later on Winnie also dominated the comeback series episodes.

Once on the show, Winnie got more comfortable in her skin and embraced a different looking self.

“I had to relearn how to love myself by forgetting the opinions of everyone else and focusing on my opinion of myself,” Winnie claimed.

Even the new series of pictures are all her shouting out to the world that beauty is beauty no matter what the world thinks of you all you need is to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace all you have.

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