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Why Does Hair Get Greasy?

What causes a bad hair day?

It’s the greasy and oily scalp!!!!

Greasy hair is a common problem, occurring time to time. Although a natural process, it can become a little frustrating, especially when you take proper care of your hair and wash it regularly.

While some people are born lucky, others have to take extra hair care to prevent unwanted greasing. So, what really causes greasy and oily scalp?

Greasy hair is caused due to an excess build-up of sebum, the natural oils that your scalp produces to maintain your hair health. These oils support the outer layers of the hair and protect them from the odds such as dryness, flakiness, brittle hair, and others.

When you wash your hair, these oils begin building up within a couple of days after washing. It also makes the surface of your hair look dull. In this situation, styling your hair using hair-styling tools is a far cry!!!!

Many other reasons, too, cause your scalp to become oily.

1. Dietary Changes 

If you have introduced some lifestyle or dietary changes in a while, you will notice its effect on your hair. Your hair will become oily so fast.

2. Heavy Products

Sometimes, using products that are too heavy or loaded with multiple ingredients, too, leads to an oily scalp. The combination of ingredients often locks the moisture in your hair.

3. Hormonal Changes

The events such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause cause many alterations in your body, face, and hair, leading to hair problems like oily scalp or thinning of hair. All these hormonal changes impact the production of sebum to a great extent. 

4. Environmental Changes

Sometimes, environmental changes, too, play a role in making your hair oily and greasy. For instance, oily scalp is a common problem in the monsoon and winter seasons.

5. Using too Many Products 

Some people over-groom their hair by using several products in one wash. Getting multiple hair treatments regularly, too, leads to an oily scalp.

How to Manage a Greasy Scalp? 

Dear ladies, you do not have to run from pillar to post to fight excess oil in your hair. Just follow the below-listed tips, and you are good to go:

  • Always choose your hair care products wisely. Ask your hairstylist or a hair expert the right products for you as per your hair texture. Be more careful if your hair is treated chemically.
  • Eating right will also help you keep excess oil at bay. Try avoiding oil as much as possible and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Add food items rich in Vitamin B into your daily diet, and you will notice a remarkable change in the texture and quality of your hair.
  • Some people think that washing hair every day will control sebum production. However, it is a plain myth. Do not wash your hair every day. Give your hair time to adjust to the current environment.
  • Condition your hair the right way. Instead of applying the conditioner all over the scalp, apply it only on the ends.
  • Use all your hair care products according to the density and length of your hair.

We hope that the above-listed tips help you get rid of greasy hair. For more tips on beauty and fashion, stay connected.

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