After struggling to find a South Asian outfit that is both elegant and comfortable, Trupti Bhula decided to take it upon herself to create one. With her children’s complaints of uncomfortable desi clothes due to its itchy embroidery or layers of heavy fabrics, the multi-talented mom of two began designing clothes.

Bhula’s newfound passion for fashion and the praise she received for her designs led to the development of the Trupti Bhula Label.

With comfort at the top of her priority list, Bhula’s modern designs bring something different to the field. Her creations epitomize the “less is more” concept. She uses light fabrics that are soft to touch and hints of traditional prints and embroidery to add sparkle without taking away from comfort. She even adds pockets to lehenga skirts which are such a necessity for every desi girl. Bhula’s label creates custom designs so you can work with her to create an outfit you’ll love.

Lucky for us, we had a chance to chat with Bhula about her clothing line and what it took to develop it. Check out what she had to say:

The Teal Mango: What was the original inspiration that led to your clothing line?

Trupti Bhula: My daughter inspired me to get into the clothing industry. She has always been very picky about her clothing and the way they make her feel, and as we all know all Indian clothing have this itch to them. That’s when my adventure with creating our own clothing started. I still remember the first outfit I got made for her was with my seamstress here Eva, she made her’s first Chaniya Choli out of cotton fabric that didn’t itch. I believe that the way an outfit makes one physically feel can affect the way they feel about themselves.

TTM: Did you have any experience in fashion designing or merchandising before taking on this challenge?

Bhula: Absolutely not! I’ve always had a creative side to me when it came to decorating a home or event, but never in clothing. I know what I like to wear and I go based on that.

TTM: Comfortable desi clothes is a large part of your company’s message, why was that important to you?

Bhula: I have always wanted my little girls to be excited about wearing Indian clothes, and that is only possible if they are comfortable. Same with adults! I can say for myself, I love wearing our clothes cause they are comfortable, do not itch and have this amazing look to them. It helps any lady carry her self while being comfortable.

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TTM: What was the hardest part of starting a company from scratch?

Bhula: For ladies to understand our concept. The concept of our line we provide “show pieces” to allow our customers to view our products to get an idea of our designs, then we customize our line to your measurements. Allowing us to take your measurements then produce the piece based on that ensures the perfect fit for your outfit. You also have the option to change your colors, sleeve style, or necklines on our pieces. While a downfall might be that the customer has to wait 4-6 weeks to receive their Trupti Bhula outfit, the wait is worth it.

TTM: How is it being in the States and still running production out of India, what are some challenges you face running a small business that spans international waters?

Bhula: There are several challenges in running a production team in India. The first one is the language barrier. Till this day we do a lot of face time and drawings when I can’t get my point across. I have to say my production manager, Pavan and I have come a really long way. I love my entire team and am thankful for them each and every day for making this happen for me, They work really hard on getting the outfits made with love.

TTM: Why does your company only produce limited copies of each design?

Bhula: We want to be very exclusive. I have always wanted to create a product with quality instead of focusing on the quantity. We understand the fact that women don’t want to spend $200+ on a piece that makes them feel beautiful, only to walk into an event with someone else wearing the exact same thing. We are very fortunate for the way business has taken off but I feel like the bigger we get we still need to keep the line very exclusive and change them up to keep the brand unique.

TTM: With so many designer boutique shops around, what makes your company unique?

Bhula: The way our clothing feels once you were one of our outfits. I guarantee that feeling will make you want to get another outfit, super comfortable and chic. Our fabric is what makes us stand out.

TTM: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Bhula: My absolute favorite is Anita Dongre. I also love designers such as Anushree Reddy, Riddhi Mehra & Sabyasachi

TTM: How would you describe your designs in 3 words?

Bhula: Comfortable, Elegant, and Trendy.

TTM: Walk us through the ordering process, can people purchase outfit stitched to their specific measurements? Do you customize outfits to the preferences of customers? Do you work with customers to design completely new outfits?

Bhula: Ordering a piece online through email, the first step is to send us a picture of our design that you’re interested in. We then send you out a measurement chart with the invoice. You email us back the measurement chart and completed payment. We then start production on the outfit. We can make color changes to certain designs of our when ordering as well. You then receive the outfit at your doorsteps within 4-6 weeks.
At one of our trunk shows, you pick your outfit, we discuss changes that you would like to make. I then take your measurements, and we receive the remaining information! You then receive the out straight to your house within the given time.

Custom client love ♥️♥️

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TTM: What has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

Bhula: The amazing joy and feedback we receive from our clients! We love to hear how beautiful they felt in their Trupti Bhula outfit.

TTM: Any advice you have to aspiring entrepreneurs and designers?

Bhula: Every person has a creative side to them. Never be afraid of starting a business you never how it’s going to take off, I sure didn’t see myself ever becoming a designer.

Check out Bhula’s designs on her website here. 

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