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Supreme Announces New Spring Collaboration With Stone Island

The depressing winter is finally over and shiny summer is just around the corner. ALthough you might have to wait a little to enjoy summer, good things have already started happening.

Supreme and Stone Island have come together to collaborate on another project for the Spring 2022 collection. Although Supreme has had many one-time collaborations in the past, this is their eighth collaboration with Stone Island.

This time, Supreme and Stone Island will focus on an expansive collection that will concentrate on outerwear along with classic wardrobe staples. This collaboration will feature a sizeable collection that has street-savvy elements. It features plenty of classical and outerwear staples.

Each piece of cloth is ready for adventure and is made water-proof so you can continue to shine even when it is rainy.

Supreme x Stone Island Spring Collection 2022

Those looking to make a statement could go for the reversible Faux Fur Parka or the heat-sensitive pigment printed jacket called Reactive Ice Camo Ripstop Jacket. There are variations available in the caps, cargo pants and camo patterned jackets.

That is not all. If you are someone who wants something more lowkey then take a look at the water-resistant shell jacket. You can get it in the classy black or bright yellow. The sweatshirts have a wider option in colors with magenta, black, and tan colorways available. Mona Lisa’s inspiration is evident in the collaboration, which can be seen printed on the white ripstop jacket.

Other streetwear accessories like crusher hats, messenger bags, joggers, and hoodies will also be available in this collaboration.

How To Buy Supreme x Stone Island Spring Collection 2022?

The collaboration is set for a global release on the Supreme’s official website. Interested buyers in the USA can wait for May 12 at 11 am EDT. It will release separately in Japan on May 14th at 11 am JST.

More About The Brands History

Supreme is a popular American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle brand. It was established in NYC in 1994. The company is only 28 years old but has managed to maintain its identity and authenticity over the years.

It often released exclusive collections of limited-edition items that increase the hype and demand for the goods, thus increasing their resale value. In 2020, the company was worth $1.2 billion.

Stone Island is an Italian luxury brand. It was founded by Massimo Osti in 1982. The company initially focused on sportswear with practicality being the main focus. The company was acquired by Moncler in 2020. The brand struggled with fading popularity but it has regained it thanks to online vintage stores. As of 2020, the company is said to be worth €1.15 billion.

The company focuses on a particular kind of burnished sportswear. The look can be pulled off at home and also on the world’s busiest streets. The company does not hesitate in experimenting with unique finishes or textiles. It can always be seen in the company’s lineups.

This collaboration is the eighth time that the brands have come together to create something special for the fans. Such collaborations are very difficult to acquire as they are usually limited in numbers.

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