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Top 5 Squid Games Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween you could either be the ”Red Light, Green Light” Doll or Wear the ”Players’ Tracksuit”, how does that idea sound?

Squid Game honestly is all over the Internet and with that reference, we would like to propose the idea of getting a Halloween Costume this year based on Squid Game. Not only would that be extremely fun but your mates will look up to you for inspo. Trust me on that.

The show has been the biggest hit of television in 2021 and everyone is talking about it. From the epic plotline to the stretched characters, we truly loved and admired all of it.

If you had to choose one from the list of available options, which Squid Game Halloween costume you would want to try? Would it be the players, the guards, the frontman, or the doll? Either buy one or make one, the choice is completely yours.

We have put together the list of costumes that you could go for this Halloween. Trust me when I say this, it’s going to be absolute fun. In addition to that, you need to choose an outfit fast enough because Halloween, darling, is just around the corner.

Let’s quickly get started with all the Squid Game Halloween Costumes that you could try out on October 31st.

Top 5 Squid Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Waiting up? Well, we have the ideas plus links for you to shop. How about a pre-Halloween treat from us?

1. Tracksuits Ft. “The Players”

To go all casual, you can be a part of the Squid Game players gang by getting yourself a green tracksuit. Pair it up with vans sneakers and you are sorted. How easy does that sound?

Alternatively, you can also get an Adidas tracksuit and iron on the numbers on it to get the final look.

Buy It – If You Wanna!

You can buy the Tracksuit here.  For the Vans slip-on, click here.

2. Red Jumpsuits Ft. “The Guards”

Want to go all scary? Try this combination. The guard’s outfit in the show was indeed dreadful and at many times, intimidating. To top it all off, they had those black masks made up of mesh with different geometrical shapes on them. Pro-tip: Use chalk to create the shape.

For the hands, you could get yourself a glove. It’s more sort of a onesie that you can easily find on Amazon.

Buy It – If You Wanna!

You are done!

3. Black Outfit Ft. “The Front Man”

Alas! We have reached out to you Mr. Front Man!

Can’t say you wouldn’t have dreamt of going all-black for October 31st. Oh, and how could we miss the three-dimensional mask. To gloss up that look, you can’t forget the tong trench coat with a classy pair of black boots and gloves.

The enigmatic leader of the game was definitely the frontman for a reason and also, the in-charge of the whole squid game operation. It won’t make a hole in your pocket and you would also be dressed gracefully for Halloween.

Buy It – If You Wanna!

  • Buy the Front Man Mask Here.
  • Buy the Long Trench Coat Here.

4. The Dress Ft. ”The Doll”

I mean, ”Red Light, Green Light” and the ”tune” were enough to occupy half of our brain. I still find myself chiming that Korean tune and just doesn’t leave my brain.

Keeping the knocks apart, let’s talk about the fiery dress of the doll. The giant structure of her was terrifying in all sorts of ways. However, in every way, she looked adorable and you most certainly won’t disagree with me.

The look is pretty neat and a must-try for Halloween.

Buy It – If You Wanna!

  • Buy the Cotton Dress from Here.
  • Buy the Flat Shoes from Here.
  • Buy the Blouse from Here.

5. Finalists Outfit Ft. “The Top Three”

Can’t say we expected the trio to be the Top 3 but anyway. Everyone who has watched the show will realize the kind of special treatment the final contestants witnessed.

The exquisite dinner in their tuxedos was top-notch. Add a little bit of makeup and a bow-tie, which I bet your wardrobe is stacked with. You are going to pull all the strings to be the best one out of all your all wealthy-looking looks.

Wrap Up!

Pulling off a look on Halloween is easy-peasy but how elegantly you do that is what defines you. Therefore, it’s time to pick your look for Halloween.

Which one from our top picks was your favorite Halloween costume? Let us know.

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