Sharifa Easmin’s Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

October 23, 2020

Each Halloween, women end up spending lots of money on an outfit they’ll probably never wear again. Beauty blogger Sharifa Easmin shows us a way around these costly, unoriginal outfits by relying on our makeup brushes.

Over the years, Easmin has accumulated quite an interesting list of Halloween looks that totally rock. All you have to do is rummage your closet for a simple outfit to accessorize these wonderful looks that end up looking fiercer than anything you’ll buy at your local Target.

Dark Fairy

The Dark Fairy look is a fierce look that everyone can pull off. All you need is a cute black dress and some wings. Add some black lace gloves, top it off with this fairy look, and you’re set!


Easmin’s siren look is pretty unique; you can even use this to dress up as a mermaid as well!


Want to let out that inner animal? Try this leopard look for this year’s Halloween party! It’s cute and not too hard to do. All you need is some ears and a leopard print accessory to complete the look.

Easmin even has some princess looks for all those ladies who are looking to sparkle this Halloween. We don’t have too many brown girls as Disney princesses to look up to, but Easmin has the perfect how-to videos to pull off Esmeralda and Jasmine.



Love to dress up as specific characters? Fikkar not children, Easmin has something for everyone. Here are some other Halloween tutorials she has up so you too can dress up as your favorite characters with a little help from Easmin’s videos.

Wednesday Addams

Bride of Frankenstein



Being a Bollywood fanatic, she’s got a new take on the classic character Paro from “Devdas.” This one is our favorite!

Zombie Paro

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