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Septum Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Septum piercing is a burning fashion trend, and many women are going gaga about the same. Interestingly, it is the most popular form of piercing in the whole wide world. Around 162,000 average searches are made about septum piercing, its types, after-care, and whatnot. More than a million hashtags about this piercing are already surfacing all over social media platforms. No wonder many celebrities, too, have jumped the bandwagon of piercing their septum.

Want to know everything about septum piercing? Read this article till the end.

What Does Septum Piercing Entail?

A septum piercing refers to the piercing going through your nasal septum. Your nasal septum is the place between your nostrils. Yes, you got that right. Septum piercing means piercing between your nostrils. While many women may knock their socks off to this trend, let us reveal that septum piercing is not a new concept.

Septum piercing has its own cultural appropriation in many parts of the world, where women get their septum pierced at a very young age. Over time, this culture has turned into a full-fledged trend.

How is Septum Piercing Performed?

There is nothing extraordinary about septum piercing. It is performed just like most piercings on your body. However, this method does have some variations. For instance, the piercer will disinfect the area before the procedure. They will use a small clamp to hold and support your septum.

A hollow needle, also known as a cannula, will be passed through your septum to create a hole. Afterward, they insert a piece of jewelry made using metals like titanium or stainless steel through this new hole. It is mandatory to disinfect the site of piercing to avoid infection. Ensure that you visit a reliable and experienced piercer to get the task done.

What Happens After Septum Piercing?

Let us burst the bubble.

The initial period after piercing your septum may be painful. It makes your nose tender to touch. In some cases, you may also experience swelling on the nose. But do not worry, you are not alone.

The initial period of healing may take 1-3 weeks. To heal completely, septum piercings take more time than any other piercing on your body (6-8 months). We advise you to leave the original jewelry in place unless your septum is completely healed.

What is the After-Care of Septum Piercing?

After your piercing, you need to take care of a few things. It fastens the healing period of your septum and ensures that you do not feel a lot of pain.

  • Clean your nose every day with salt and water solution. You can also use saline nasal drops or space to clean the area.
  • It is okay to have a minimal amount of watery discharge. In some cases, you may also experience some bleeding with the discharge. However, if it is green or yellow or smells foul, you may have a septum infection. Seek medical attention immediately. Crust formation is okay.
  • Apart from cleaning your piercing, clean the jewelry regularly. Rotate the ring around once or twice a day until the piercing is healed completely.
  • An organic remedy such as coconut oil works well to heal dry crust formation. It also fastens the healing process.
  • Keep your piercing dry for as long as possible. Pat dry with a towel after washing your face.

What Should I Avoid After Septum Piercing?

When it comes to piercing, taking little care goes a long way. Thus, abide by all the do’s and don’ts after piercing your septum. The do’s generally include cleaning the pierced area and using natural remedies.

For don’ts, jumping in a swimming pool within 24 hours of getting your septum pierced is a big no. It will wet the area of piercing and may lead to infection. Do not apply anything around the piercing unless otherwise advised. Picking the nose or rubbing the pierced area will wound it.

What Jewelry Should I Wear with a Septum Piercing?

Many women with septum piercing are seen sporting a bull ring look. But do you know this fashion doesn’t go well with every face type? You should understand what suits your face, or your piercing will make you look bad.

First of all, always get the piercing done with a high-quality material. You will not feel the need of changing the piercing now and then. Using good quality materials for piercing also keeps infections and allergies at bay.

One of the most popular options for septum piercing jewelry is a Circular Barbell. This jewelry comes with a horseshoe style having two small beads on either side. Wearing this piece will also let you hide the piercing when it is fully healed. Besides this, you may also try other options such as rings with beautiful decorations. If your face-cut is small, use smaller rings.

For a large or oval face-cut, medium or long accessories will also do the job. You can also use genuine diamonds and more intricate beaded detail to enhance your femininity while carrying a septum piercing.

Can I Change my Septum Piercing?

Yes, you can take out the septum piercing; however, not right after the procedure. We suggest you wait at least a year to change your jewelry. If you take out the piercing frequently, you may have to see the piercer time and again. You may also have to make frequent visits to the doctor to treat the infection or wound.

What Materials are Used for Septum Piercing?

Stainless Steel

It is the safest choice of metal for any piercing, including your septum. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and barely leads to infection.


You can pick titanium for nose rings as it will not cause any infection. A titanium ring is more durable than other metals. It may cost you a little more than others, but the price is worth it.


If you are super sensitive to wearing metals, niobium is the best choice to wear. This element doesn’t cause infection. Another plus point, it is cheaper than other metals.

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