Motivational lifestyle guru Nitika Chopra does more than just slap on “an affirmation on your problem and call it a day” as she says. Meet the multi-tasking queen who consistently works to empower the people around her and her followers.

New Blog Alert 🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾 Do you have a relationship with God or The Universe? Although I didn’t grow up in a religious home, my connection to God has been with me from a young age. After dealing with a tremendous amount of bullying as a kid, followed by my chronic illness diagnosis all before I even got out of middle school, I needed God just to get through it all. Click the link in my bio to read my latest blog and learn how I handle the moments when my relationship with God isn’t as strong as I would like it to be. It’s a super vulnerable post. Sending you all so much love + hope to see your comments on the blog if this resonates with you ✨💋 #blog #psoriasis #god #theuniverse 📷: @blairbadenhop

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With a level of enthusiasm that is contagious, Chopra is an advocate for searching for inner beauty and self-care. She tries to show her followers how to grow through adversity such as divorce, chronic illnesses and more. How does she do it?

Chopra, rather unabashedly, shares her story, complete with vulnerabilities and all, for the world to see. She encourages others by being open about her struggles, like her divorce and health issues which lead to feelings of depression and pain.

“I completely understand that the biggest challenge can often be the negative voices in your head,” Chopra writes on her site.

Chopra was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 10 which developed into psoriatic arthritis by 19. The debilitating disorder took control of her joints and left her body in  severe pain that made it hard to move. She is open about the insecurity, confusion, and depression she felt during those times. However, it was the time she took to focus on herself that assisted in keeping her mental state healthy. From little things like bubble baths and grabbing the right shade of nail polish, she found the courage to push through and keep herself together.

“In those moments, I felt compassion for my condition and myself,” Chopra writes on her own website, “My perspective shifted from extreme despair to a deep faith that there was a better way. And, I started to realize I was meant for something much bigger than a life spent in misery. So I made a decision: to be more committed to my happiness than my suffering. Today, I am living a life where every experience is truly relished. I’m surrounded by amazing women who accept me for exactly who I am. My skin is healthy and glowing. I savor everything I put into my body—from green juice to gluten-free pizza. Above all, I’m eternally grateful to have the freedom to fully express myself through my work and to spread the self-love mission every single day.”

Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes of her pain to begin a beautiful journey to save the world. She is a strong advocate of chronic illnesses, certified life coach, and a wellness entrepreneur. She works with her clients and followers to help them accept the pain, face their fears and learn how to still live a strong life.

With her work, she’s created a community where people can find social support, advice, books, affirmations, and anything else you need in a healing process. Her ability to be raw and open about her emotions and struggles are what keep followers hooked because they can relate. She blogs about everything from essential oils to how to manage your finances to how to live with chronic illnesses.

Chopra also founded Bella Life magazine in 2010, an online lifestyle magazine geared towards women. She is also the host of “Naturally Beautiful” a talk show on Z Living that takes a holistic approach to the world. She is also a luxury skin-care spokesperson and a regular expert on QVC. She is a motivational speaker who has hosted multiple events for networking or just social gatherings. Finally, she also makes it her business to mentor others who hope to follow in her line of work.

Essentially, Chopra does it all. Follow her on Instagram here.

Image Source: Nitika Chopra via Facebook


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