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Sam’s Club Membership – Is it Worth it? Find Out the Details

Adulting is all about caring for the pantry more than your wardrobe, and if you are an American, what’s a better option the shopping for all your needs at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has kept American Pantry stocked for 40 years, and it continues to do so. The brainchild of Sam Walton, who also gave the world, Walmart, is one of the best places where you can find all the pantry stuff at an affordable price.

Sam’s Club has 600 locations spread across 44 states in America. The range of products is similar to its competitor, Costco. However, one thing sets it apart from all – the advantages that its membership offers.

So, what is Sam’s Club Membership all about, and should you take it? Here is to know everything.

Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s Club membership offers many perks to its members. The membership is cheaper to join compared to its competitors, and unlike others, Sam’s Club offers two membership options.

Club: The store charges $45 per year for its Club membership. The members of the Club may make the most of services such as same-day delivery, instant savings, discounted gas, free select services at the tire and battery center, add-on memberships for $40, and a complimentary membership for any member in your family.

Plus: This Sam’s Club Membership includes everything from Club along with other perks. You can make the most of 2 percent cash rewards on qualifying pickup and in-store purchases, early shopping, free curb-side pickup, and huge discounts while shopping for your favorite wholesale products.

A Sam’s Club Membership Gives you Access to Member’s Mark

The list of reasons to buy membership of this wholesale supplier is endless. But above all, you may consider these two words – Member’s Mark.

Member’s Mark is the private brand of the service provider. It is the result of consolidating twenty-one private brand names into one. Member’s Mark was launched in 2017 by a team of culinary experts, product developers, and food scientists.

The store released an official statement, “In the past, we made sure we were competitive with national brands. But in today’s environment, a lot of our members want better than that. Our goal is to make sure every Member’s Mark item is developed based on what members want today.”

Thus, why not enroll in Sam’s Membership and make the most of what Member’s Mark has for you?

You may think of Member’s Mark as an answer to its competitors’ signature line that includes fresh food and gourmet items such as honey from a bee cooperative or olive oil. When Member’s Mark debuted, it promised premium products to the members across all the departments ranging from fresh food to clothing, health, wellness, et al. Today, the brand extends its reach to other products too, including, storage boxes, frying pans, snacks, pulled pork, and wine.

Get Excellent Cash-Back Rewards

If you need another reason to consider buying Sam’s Club membership, know that Sam’s Club Mastercard offers excellent cash-back rewards.

The Sam’s Club Mastercard constitutes a part of the package at both price levels. Unlike other store cards, the rewards program offered by this card will surely make you envy those who own it. With this card, you get 5 percent cash back on gas, anywhere Mastercard is accepted up to the first $6,000 you spend a year. Just imagine how much you can save with it!

Club members also get 1 percent cash back on qualifying Sam’s Club purchases with 4 percent cash back on eligible purchases both in-store and online. Other cash back options include 2 percent rewards from their membership for a total of 5 percent.

You can also save money dining out with Sam’s Club Mastercard as it helps you earn 3 percent cash back in terms of dining and takeout and 1 percent cash back on everything else without any annual fee.

What else could one ask for?

It’s time to Multiply Your Savings

The in-house brand of Sam’s Club offers the lowest available prices on all the high-quality items. Here is an elaborate list of all the shopping departments where you can save a fair amount of money without compromising on their quality.

  • Grocery
  • Kids
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Home goods
  • Personal and healthcare
  • Outdoor and patio
  • Office and tech
  • Baby products
  • Business supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Holiday

Other Benefits for all the Members of Sam’s Club Membership

Besides the above-listed perks, you may as well enjoy the below-listed benefits after opting for Sam’s membership.

Get In-Store Pickup

If you like shopping in bulk but find tons of people during peak hours challenging and avoid rounds of shopping at Sam’s Club, fret not! Members can order whatever they want online by 5 pm. The Club employees will gather all these items and have them ready for the next day’s pick-up. Voila, you can pick your stuff up for free.

Early Shopping Hours

Sam’s Club also extends early shopping hours for all its members. It is another way of avoiding huge crowds and shopping for all your necessities.

New Business Services

Members can access anything necessary to start the business, such as payment solutions, business loans, tools, and printing. You can get flyers, business cards, and everything else in one trip.

Cheaper Prescriptions

The Club also allows its members to get up to five select prescriptions for free. Even if you are not a Plus member, you may benefit from low medicine prices.

Tire Installation

The store makes sure to pamper your car as much as it pampers you. If you are a member, you may order tires online. Not only this, but you may also have them installed at the location closest to you. The tire installation includes 24-hour emergency roadside service, rotation balancing, road hazard protection, etc.

Flower Services

Sending flowers to your loved ones on different occasions has also become easy with Sam’s Club membership. You can order everything floral at the club.

Is Sam’s Club Membership Worth It?

The answer to this question can be determined by your lifestyle. You can save real money by shopping from Sam’s in large quantities. This concept helps big families save enough money. Even if you do not have a big family, you can still save big by making the most of the Member’s Mark.

The membership makes sense for all, even if you live alone or with a roommate or partner. Each of its membership options comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, letting you get a refund of your membership fee for the current year at any time without asking questions.

Why wait? Get it now.

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