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Rita Ora Gushes Over her ‘Rescued Dog’ Honey on Instagram, See Cute Pics

Let You Love Me, singer, Rita Ora recently put up a lovely post for her rescued dog named Honey on the social media platform Instagram. Read the article further to get a glimpse of her little fur baby.

Rita Ora drops a lovely post for her dog Honey on Instagram

The 31-year-old took to her Instagram to share a series of pictures and a video of her adorable pooch with her fans all over the world on Monday. The rock star posted a few cute pictures along with a heartfelt caption.

“Ladies and gentlemen meet Honey. I rescued her with the amazing @thelabellefoundation  thank you for helping me find my true baby I’m happy I could help find a home for this little 🍯 Keep swiping to literally hear the loudest snore in the world. (Oh they didn’t warn me about that! But do I care no! She’s to cute) and a pic of me with a fake dog when I was wee tiny”, she captioned the post.

In the photos shared by the pop star, we can see her with her cute pet. Honestly, we can’t keep our eyes off the pictures of the two. Rita’s dog is just way too cute for words. Ora posted a few photos of Honey, just chilling. In one shot, her dog can be spotted basking in the sunlight.

Rita is not the first one to rescue a pet, it looks like she is following in the footsteps of her fellow singers like Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande. Now, she has got engaged in ‘adopt don’t shop’ campaign after picking up a furry baby from the Labelle foundation.

Which celebs have adopted pets before?

When it comes to adopting pets many A-listers from Hollywood such as Levitating singer Dua Lipa and Don’t Look Up star Ariana Grande have taken the route of adoption in the past.

Dua adopted a dog named Dexter with her ex-boyfriend Anwar Hadid. The breed of the dog is Labrador Retriever. Now and then, she keeps sharing snaps of her dog on the social media platform Instagram.

R.E.M Beauty founder Ariana Grande has a total of 10 dogs. And let us tell one interesting fact all of her 10 dogs are rescued dogs. We can see that Grande is a big animal lover.

The names of the superstar’s dogs are as follows: Ophelia( Labradoodle), Fawkes (Shiba Inu), Cinnamon (American Pit Bull Terrier), Coco (Dachshund-German Shepherd), Latayette (Bloodhound), Sirius (Labradoodle), Strauss (Yorkshire Terrier), Pignoli (Chihuahua), Toulouse (Beagle-Chihuahua) and Myron (Pit Bull mix).

Rita signed a £5 million deal to become the face of Prada

Not long ago, the British singer cracked a massive deal of £5 million with Prada. Over the last couple of years, Rita has been seen at the Italian label’s several fashion shows.

A source told The Sun, “Fashion bosses think Rita is the perfect fit to keep their brand edgy. She’s a global superstar and straddles the worlds of music, film, and TV. Rita’s look is iconic.”

We can’t wait to see what Rita Ora has in store for us in the future. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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