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PewDiePie Introduces New Puppy ‘Momo’ After Old Dog Passed Away

Pewdiepie shared a picture of the new member of his family on Instagram. Pewdiepie, who has one of the biggest channels on YouTube with over 111 million subscribers, shared a picture of his new puppy with his followers.

Who Is The New Puppy?

Pewdiepie posted a picture with the puppy and wrote “Wanted to properly introduce our new fam member Momo! 🍑.” He also mentioned that “She’s half pug 🥟half chihuahua 🌯 (Chug).”

The Youtuber went on to add that “We’ve had her since November, so glad she got to meet Maya while she was still with us 💕.”

Pewdiepie, whose original name is Felix Kjellberg got Momo back in November before their other dog Maya passed away unexpectedly.

Maya’s Sudden Demise

The YouTuber had been uploading regular vlogs since him and his wife Marzia moved to Japan along with their two dogs Maya and Edgar. He had given updates about Maya’s health. She had dementia and was not doing well.

After she passed away a few weeks ago, Pewdiepie said “I didn’t think I could love a dog as much as I loved her”.

He also went on to say “Thank you for all the wonderful time we got to spend with you. Thank you for always making my days brighter. Thank you for bringing me closer to Marzia. I will miss you so much and I already do.. you will always be in my heart Maya.”

In a recent vlog, he recalled how him and Marzia had gotten the dog together when they had been a couple for less than a year. The vlogger also recalled how they had to put up all the money they had to get her and that they did not even have a car at the time. It was difficult for him to believe that someone out there did not want Maya as she was so lovable.

Healing & Moving On

To make the transition to Japan easier, Pewdiepie even arranged for a private jet so that his puppies would not be suffocated in a compact space. But her health kept deteriorating.

Pewdiepie even mentioned that she had become very irritable, which is one of the symptoms of dementia. It was certainly difficult for the couple to lose the dog that they had for more than a decade.

In a recent vlog, he did update that they were doing better although he missed Maya a lot. He also mentioned that working out helped him a lot and that Edgar and the new member Momo were helping them heal by making them laugh and playing with the mourning couple.

It is difficult for any family to lose their dog but what made Maya special was that millions of people knew her through Pewdiepie’s YouTube videos. They grew up watching her make random appearances in his videos.

Therefore, Maya’s passing affected many more people than just Felix or Marzia. While many fans sent their condolences to the couple through comments, many of them are also happy that the couple welcomed another four-legged best friend to their lives.


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