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Nicki Minaj Appeared In A Halloween Costume As Cheeky Cinderella

It can be said that Nicki Minaj has given a personal touch to a Disney princess who is loved by tens of millions of people.

Her take on Cinderella is ideally in keeping with her Halloween theme. The 39-year-old singer took to Instagram on October 31 in honor of Halloween.

With The Release Of A New Social Media Post, Nicki Minaj Revealed Her Disney Princess Fantasy

The rapper has created a rather NSFW version of the princess, complete with carved-out cutouts on the back side of the dress referring to her as the “Super Freaky Girl.”

Her face is like a princess’s, her body is like a killer’s, and her mind is like a samurai’s. During her latest post on social media on Monday, October 31, Nicki Minaj showcased her Disney princess fantasy to the world.

The rapper’s humorous caption for her Instagram post said that she chose to dress up as a high-fashion Cinderella or Chunderella as she rewrote the fairytale. “And as she heard the whispers…Chunderella snickered,” this is what she wrote in her post’s caption. “The ugly/evil stepsisters had EVERY RIGHT to bicker (through their blisters!) After all, deep down inside…they knew… they’d never fit the glass slippers… The END.”

There Was A Unique Twist To Minaj’s Costume That She Came Up With

There are reports that Minaj had her version of the costume as well. This included exposing some of her bottoms through some rather 18+ cuts and a plunging neckline and her take on the outfit.

As with her fairy tale counterpart, she also called herself “Chunderella” and added a tiara to her look and a blonde wig to complete her look. She wore a dress that was close in color to that of the princess, but it did not have the structured outline of her dress. Instead, it was form-fitting with enormous frills at the bottom.

In a place surrounded by blooming flowers and sparkling pink curtains, Minaj’s look had all the hallmarks of a fairytale moment, up until the third picture of the slideshow, when Minaj turns around and shows off perhaps her most impressive assets.

Two cutouts were strategically placed at the back of the gown to catch a glimpse of Minaj’s backside. With a playful grin, Cinderella’s glass slippers were sitting off one side in the picture, a much higher heel than any Disney fans might have expected Cinderella to wear in her famous glass slippers.

Minaj Also Tangled With The Academy Over “Super Freaky Girl” Becoming A Pop Record

Furthermore, she has also been fighting with the Recording Academy over how “Super Freaky Girl” has been moved from the rap category to the pop category for the upcoming Grammy Awards 2023 in hopes of gaining more votes.

Whenever she hasn’t been feuding with Latto over whether or not her own “Big Energy (Live)” should be categorized as part of the same category at the Grammy awards, that is when she hasn’t been busy feuding with Latto on Twitter.

Aside from her EMA nominations, Minaj recently received five nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards, including best artist, most famous song, and best video, both of which were for “Super Freaky Girl,” best hip-hop, and best fan.

There was something out of this world about Minaj as a Disney princess. Do you agree that Minaj’s costume on Halloween night was a clever one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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