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Ming-Na Wen’s New Kitchen is Almost Ready as she Shares an Update

The American actress and voice artist, Ming-Na Wen was recently on Instagram showing off her new kitchen cabinets and how “VERY turned on right nowshe is with all the renovation occurring at her place.

Ming-Na Wen’s Kitchen Content

It was a day ago when Ming-Na Wen posted on her Instagram page telling the fans how excited she is with the way her kitchen renovation is turning out to be. She even expressed her excitement about the cabinets and the cooktop. She captioned her post by saying and

“I am VERY turned on right now.👄🫦
My kitchen cabinets are here! And look at this sexy cooktop. Cannot wait to use it. Man, it’s gonna get HOT in my dream kitchen! 😁🥰
Love to my friend Aaron Turner for being ahead of schedule! When does THAT ever happen in a remodel? We’ve been living in this renovation since January 2021! So excited to finally have my kitchen. Although we will miss our garage kitchen….NOT!🤣😁”

In the post, we can see the way she poses with her upcoming kitchen and its packaged kitchen stuff. She even posted another video which was in the form of a mini vlog, here is another part of her kitchen content.

Ming-Na Wen and Her Life

She was born in 1963, in Macau and is a famous actress and Disney’s voice. She landed her first role back in 1985 in the show ‘Mister Rogers.’ Her career took off when she got the role of Lien Hughes in ‘As the World Turns.’

Since then the actress made it to the top with notable performances in “The Single Guy,” playing Melinda May in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and many more.

Alongside her acting career, Ming-Na also lent her voice to several video games and animated movies and TV shows. She was popular for her voice over for the character of Mulan.

With such increasing fam, fans are even more curious to know about her real-life apart from her reel life and her recent Instagram posts have kept the followers engaged and updated.

Ming-Na Wen’s Renovation Workouts

The kitchen renovation is not something new, as Ming-Na has been keeping the house renovation content flowing on her Instagram page.

She even posted videos of her “renovation workouts” as we know that moving boxes do count as a workout !!

The 57-year-old actress looked fabulous and fit when the “DIY Diva” posted the above picture.
Ming-Na might be one of the Star Wars Characters who gained instant fandom and her projects ongoing projects are way above “impressive” but from the social media of the actress, it seems as if she is not too busy for a good old-fashioned renovation of her house.
Her Blog “weneverbymingnawen” is all about her journey depicted and her life where she surely does give updates about the developments in her new home. Here is one of such posts.
As we are aware of how renovating a house is both a painful but an enjoyable journey, and actress’s captions validate oh how satisfying it is to translate design concepts to reality. The journey of Ming-Na’s kitchen from the temporary garage kitchen to the newly constructed one is sure a satisfying one.
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