With thousands of followers on social media and a dynamic persona, to say that Vex King is a multi-talented person and new age influencer still doesn’t truly summarize what he does. According to his site and in his own words, he’s a “jack of many trades.” The desi entrepreneur has tried his hand at music, fashion, design, motivational writing, mind & life coaching, and has a knack for business.

As a former music producer, he’s produced tracks for Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross, and Ne-Yo. He’s also remixed tracks for Jay Sean. President Obama even follows him on social media so the man is doing something right! But it’s his dedication to putting out good vibes, positivity, and a refreshing realness that has us not only taking notice but also taking his advice.

In collaboration with his cousin, King has created the Bon Vita lifestyle brand which encourages the mentality of “Good Vibes Only”. The brand encourages its audience to pursue and fulfill their dreams. The site is full of free articles that focus on kindness, luxury, health, music, mindfulness, consciousness, romance, style and more. It guides you to being positive and opening your mind to all the good things that can happen to you IF you let it. Think of it like one large (and free!) hub for everything you need to read about to poise yourself for success and being the best version of yourself.

You can also get bracelets and hats that tout the Good Vibes theme. These are great reminders for yourself or for loved ones who desire wearable touchstones for remaining open to good vibes.

You can also catch Vex King on his site vexking.com. Both this site and Bon Vita cover a range of topics from relationship goals, to self-love, to how to not talk yourself out of pursuing your dreams. Whether it’s on his websites or social media platforms, King uses spiritual wisdom, inspirational stories, life lessons and self-reflection as methods of motivating people to live their best life. He encourages people to look within for happiness and to set realistic expectations.

But King’s guidance doesn’t stop there. There’s a meditation app called Synctution that he says changed his life. While King is the spokesperson and not the creator, he advocates for the app as he, too, wanted to create an app that explored the benefits of binaural beats. According to MindFit Hypnosis, binaural beats are a “measured change in brain activity when presented with audio stimulus.” When someone hears a stereo sound with two different tones, your brain produces a response which is known as the binaural beat.

The first 75 minutes of the Syntution meditation app is free. King cautions that the app is pricey but worth it. Also, the app is said to be the world’s first 3D meditation app. That’s because the app gives you soundscapes that feel real by combining gamma waves, natural sounds, your inner voice, and by focusing on the spatial location of a sound. According to Electronic Products, the pitch, tone, loudness, and location of a sound create 3D sound. Synctution found a way to combine meditation with 3D sound technology hence its label as the world’s first 3D meditation app.

By simply visiting his site or social media, you can see how responsive people are to his quotes and thoughts. If you’re feeling down or need some good vibes in your life, Vex King is your guy.

Here are a few of our favorite inspirational quotes from King as seen on his Instagram page.

On self-evolution 

Growth is the process of becoming the greatest version of yourself. Greatness isn't a one-dimensional term attributed to only superficial aspects of your existence. It's about fulfilling your potential spiritually, mentally and physically. When true solidarity occurs, you ignite the connection to your Higher Self. You begin to discover that greatness and growth are parallels that lead us to self-realisation; when one permeates with the Divine and uncovers the greatest. . A lot of us lay in the mist of confusion when it comes to growth. We just don't know where to start or what to do. Simply put, to grow, you must become aware of your behaviours, understand their consequences and then change them for your highest good. For one to become the best version of themselves, they must begin by confronting what's keeping them back. Every action stems from a healed space or one that's invaded by hurt. . Here's a personal example. I've always been known to be a very chilled out guy. However, when I was younger, if I lost my temper, all hell would break loose. I just did not care. I was unafraid of anything, including the consequences I might have to face for my actions. All my positivity went out the window. Most people did not expect me to occupy this potential, so it often came as a shock. . I knew that my anger was not my true nature and that it made me do some stupid things. I also realised that it wouldn't be too long till things got out of hand and I ruined my life. Once I was aware of my problem and its significance, I had to rectify it. In my case, I turned inward to understand myself through self-inquiry, and by sitting through meditation. . Keep it real with yourself. If you're regularly unkind, admit it to yourself and then go on to understand why this may be the case. Explore yourself, get to the source and figure out what you require to heal that space. If your diet is creating health issues, be honest with yourself about it and then identify what you can do to change things. We must not shy away from challenges if we wish to be greater. Remember, growth is an element of self-love. . Artwork: @sidraws_ . #LoveYourselfEnough #SelfRealisation #VexKing

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On self-forgiveness 

When we forgive others, we do not have to condone what they did. The act of forgiveness is about giving yourself peace of mind; not letting one's words and actions get in between your thoughts. We forgive to empower ourselves to move on so we can use our thoughts more effectively – after all, each thought holds an energetic vibration which contributes to our future. . Sometimes, the person we need to forgive the most is ourselves. It's easy to be hard on yourself when something goes wrong. We can end up choosing to be held captive by our past. A lot of us even treat ourselves unkindly – we speak to ourselves using harsh words which undermine our worth. We fail to realise that we're setting the tone for how others treat us too. Most of us would not like it if someone treated or spoke to us in the way we do it to ourselves. . Forgiveness is healing, and it begins with accepting that the past cannot be changed; it can only be relabelled in one's mind. We must also realise that we are not perfect. No human being ever is. Even those that appear to be perfect have made many wrong turns in the past, which they learned from. . The best way to react to wrongdoings in the past is to take positive actions towards the future. This begins with your mindset. It's about identifying where you can grow and what you can do better. You have to forgive yourself for the lack of understanding that you may have had before the lesson was provided by the Universe. . If there are actions that you can take, be sure to follow up on them. If you owe someone an apology, go and do it sincerely. The truth is, your apology may be rejected. However, the fact that you gave one indicates where you are regarding your growth. As with anything in life, all we can do is try our best. . Sometimes, this apology has to come from you, to you. We can often be too hard on ourselves. We also neglect our wellbeing. A simple sorry to yourself will not fix the years of ignorance towards oneself, but it's a start. It means you are aware and you are willing to make positive changes towards your betterment. . Artwork: @shaza.wajjokh . #GoodVibesOnly #VexKing

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On self-elevation 

When everything outward overwhelms you, you can only turn inwards. When the noise of the world gets too much, you crave silence. When you feel like you need to get away from people, your only wish is to be alone for a moment. Although being around encouraging people can be of great benefit, sometimes, all we need to do is disconnect from everyone and everything. . I used to feel guilty for wanting to be on my own, but I soon realised it was an act of self-love and care. I didn’t only need to be away because I was overstimulated by the world outside of me, but through isolation and silence, I was able to learn more about myself and find the answers to my problems, deep within. . The world can be distracting. There is so much going – so many demands and pressures. Sometimes, you have to mute your environment and stop engaging with external things to: gain an understanding, look at life through an unclouded lens and hear your own voice. However, you cannot control the environment you’re in, you can only control the environment you choose to be in. Therefore, the solution is to isolate yourself while you gain a deeper sense of clarity, and if need be, pick up your vibration. . Think of yourself as a cell phone that needs recharging. At times, you will have to disconnect from the world while you’re left to charge. When you’re revived, you’ll be able to better connect with the world once again. Not only do you benefit from the recharge but so does your relationships with everybody else. . This is also why people flee to different countries after devastating life changes, such as broken relationships; they go away to heal by gaining clarity and elevating back to a more desirable frequency. Those that are well-travelled may also resonate with this idea. Even if you weren’t escaping from anything through your travels, leaving your comfort zone may have revealed truths that you were oblivious to in your previous environment. Traveling probably changed your outlook on life. . Artwork: @camissao . #GoodVibesOnly #VexKing

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On self-progress

Entering a long-term relationship with someone also means forming a routine with them. They might be the first person you tell good news to, the person you text all day, the person you sleep and wake up next to, the person you eat most of your dinners with, etc. Entering a habit loop like this is hard to break, and any attempts to do so may feel extremely uncomfortable. . After a breakup, you may entertain your ex’s messages just so you can talk to them – even if the messages are abusive or argumentative. You may also go back and be intimate with them because it’s easier to do this with someone you're already familiar with, than to physically invest in someone new; even if the person you're going back to hurt you badly. . Remember the person who made you feel unwanted and like you’re not good enough? There may have been a time when you felt lost, confused and lonely because of them. Then, there may have been a time when they contacted you and acted as if they cared. And, you may have believed them and gone straight back to be comforted by their lies. To you, they were the poison and the remedy. . There may have also been a time when you were on a diet, and you were so hungry, but the only thing that was easily available to you was something unhealthy; like chocolate . Many of us in that position may have eaten the unhealthy food without remembering why we were dieting in the first place. Or, we may have remembered, but we didn’t really care because all we wanted to do at that moment is fill our hunger void. . It takes a lot of willpower, strength and courage to walk away from unhealthy attachments. But, we cannot enter a new stage of our life if we keep reverting to the old one. If we never leave toxic places, our growth remains hindered. Our energy will be manipulated into creating nothing but further painful experiences for ourselves. . Always remember why you made a conscious choice to move forward with your life. This isn’t to say that you should dwell on the past, but to recognise that you deserve better than being kept back by something that doesn’t contribute to your long-term wellbeing. . Artwork: @henn_kim - #GoodVibesOnly #VexKing

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On self-confrontation

REMINDER: Everything is made up of vibrational energy, including matter. Reality occurs through matching vibrations. So, for reality to be perceived, we have to be vibrationally compatible with it. Our Universe is a vast ocean of vibrational frequencies; meaning that reality is vibrational ether that is responsive to changes in vibration. If the Universe is responsive to our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, because after all, they are vibrational too, then we can control our reality. Change the way you think, feel, speak and act, and you begin to change your world. . GOOD VIBES: As vibrational beings we are always pulling in stuff that’s vibrating at a similar frequency to us; this is how we form our experiential reality. Negativity (e.g. anger) keeps us at lower states of vibration where we draw in experiences that we don’t want. However, positivity (e.g. appreciation) keeps us at higher states of vibration where we draw in experiences that we do want. Whatever frequency we emit, we also draw in. If you send out good vibes, you will receive good vibes. The whole idea of embracing positivity is about raising your vibration to create a life you love. . MISCONCEPTION: As important as it is for us to feel good, don’t put a gun to your head if you don’t. Emotional suppression won't allow you to grow and expand your consciousness. Growth can only occur once we confront the parts of us that need healing, and then devote our energy to the cause. As mentioned in previous posts, when you are in a negative place, try and understand why you’re at that point. Then work out what you can do about it, so you can transform and change your state by lifting your spirit. Seek out empowering ideas. Don’t try and mask or battle your negative emotions, or you’ll remain in lower states. Learn to move up the vibrational scale, not just now but for all similar events in the future. It’s okay to be sad and upset, but you deserve to be happy. It’s okay to restrict yourself, but you deserve to grow. . Artwork: @miaohki . #GoodVibesOnly #VexKing

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