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Micellar Water: Benefits, Usage, Buying Options and More

Well, we ladies are much concerned about our skincare. At the same time, we love to do makeup too. We mostly keep searching for the best skin care products which can hydrate our skin as well as keep it clear and healthy.

Micellar water is a skincare product which not only cleanses your skin but also tones it. It has become quite popular among beauty experts and skincare specialists owing to its multi-purpose uses.

Micellar water is also used as one of the effective makeup removers. It is widely used to remove makeup instead of other harsh cleansers that can be irritating to sensitive skin due to the presence of alcoholic content.

Micellar Water – Everything you need to know

It not only removes makeup but also hydrates the skin. Additionally, you can also use it to remove dirt and oil from your skin making it clear.

The good thing about Micellar water is that it suits almost all skin types. However, it is not much effective in removing oil making it a little ineffective in the case of people having extremely oily skin.

Let us understand what is Micellar water and how it works and if you should use it for your skin.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is made of purified water, moisturizers, and mild cleansing compounds (surfactants).

Micelles are tiny balls of oil that are formed from the molecules of these mild surfactants. Micelles help in removing dirt and oil from our skin. According to dermatologist Julie E. Russak who is also the founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic, “The micelles act like tiny magnets to attract impurities on the skin’s surface such as dirt, oil, and makeup.”

Micellar water works as an effective and gentle cleanser by helping in removing dirt, oil, and makeup by maintaining the natural balance of your skin. It keeps your skin soft and hydrated. You can use micellar water by applying it to a cotton pad and then clean your face using the pad.

Benefits of Micellar Water

While other cleansers such as alcohol-based toners can leave your skin dry, micellar water on the other hand protects this oil balance of your skin and holds the moisture. This clears the pores of your skin while toning.

Let us now discuss the benefits of Micellar water. It offers a bunch of benefits to your skin.

We have listed five important benefits of Micellar water. Check them out below:

1. Hydrates skin and retains moisture

Almost all types of micellar water contain hydrating compounds like glycerin. Glycerin helps in retaining the skin’s moisture. According to one study, glycerin application to irritated skin helps in restoring skin hydration by improving the natural barrier function of the skin. Russak says, “Micellar water doesn’t necessarily moisturize the skin. But it is able to clean the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture like other cleansers can do.”

The application of micellar water has a gentle effect on skin owing to its mild content making it an amazing choice for skin, especially for dry skin.

2. Micellar water is an effective cleanser for removing dirt and oil

Micellar water can be used as an effective cleanser for the face, thanks to the presence of micelles which work amazingly to remove dirt and oil making your skin clear. You can use it to clean your facial makeup as well as remove dirt and oil from facial skin. This is the best alternative to the regular cleansers available in the market.

Traditional cleansers can be rather harsh on the skin and as such cause damage to your skin barrier by leaving traces of chemicals. This can make your skin dry and irritated. Micelles and glycerin present in the micellar water make the skin more permeable which allows the cleansers to penetrate deep into the skin. Micellar water removes the dirt and oil from your skin in a safe manner.

3. Suits almost all skin types

Micellar water can do wonders for the skin and it suits all skin types be it normal, dry, or oily skin. Unlike soaps and alcohol which can be harsh on the skin, micellar water is safe and gentle on the skin as it contains mild ingredients like glycerin. Micellar water is a boon for those having sensitive skin.

Due to the presence of glycerin, micellar water helps in reducing inflammation and irritation of the skin. However, in certain conditions of extremely oily skin, it might not be very effective as it already contains oil. As such, one with oilier skin can try out specialized micellar water products made to suit oily skin.

4. Helps in treating Acne conditions and keeping skin clear

Micellar water helps in having clear skin by even treating those with acne. Micellar water usage keeps skin clear and even helps in reducing blocked pores as well as blemishes. Acne is caused when your facial skin pores get clogged either by bacteria or oil which can result in inflammation and then cause pimples (redness and swelling).

It has not been proved formally that micellar water can treat acne, however, its cleansing properties can aid in treating acne conditions of the skin. Micellar water which serves the purpose of a mild cleanser when applied can treat acne conditions, reduce blackheads and make skin clear.

5. Micellar water is handy, portable, and easy to use

Last but not the least, micellar water is handy that is you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is portable as well as an easy-to-use product. As you can use it as a cleanser, toner as well as a makeup remover, you can opt out of using numerous other skincare products. This will also help you in freeing up space in your cupboard. Even while you are traveling, you can carry micellar water and use it conveniently for cleansing as it does not need water for its usage.

Owing to all the above-listed benefits, Micellar water can be used by almost everyone irrespective of their skin type.

How to use Micellar water

Using micellar water is very simple. It can be applied twice a day – morning and night to cleanse and tone your face. We suggest you use a cotton pad for application on the face as it cleanses dirt and oil more effectively.

Just in case your skin is very oily or you are having strong waterproof makeup on your face, then you might have to use a normal cleanser as well apart from using micellar water. This is because micellar water is not that effective on oily skin or in cleansing oil from your skin, unlike regular cleansers.

Micellar Water – Buying options:

Well, if you are wondering where and how to buy it, you can place your hands on Micellar water by purchasing it both online (like Amazon) as well as offline through physical stores (like Walmart).

Well, there are many alternatives for buying Micellar water. We have shared few best picks for you. Here we go:

  • Acure Brightening Micellar Water is the best for those having dull skin.
  • L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser works the best for cleansing stubborn heavy makeup like waterproof mascara, foundation, lipstick, etc. easily.
  • You can buy Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Mattifying product which suits the best for those having oily skin.
  • Biore Baking Soda Cleanser with Micellar Water is the best micellar water product for those having both a mixed skin – dry as well as oily.
  • Those having sensitive and irritated skin can place their hands on Avene Eau Thermal Micellar Lotion Cleansing Water Make-up Remover.

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly micellar product, then go with Simple Skincare Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water.
  • Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water is the best micellar water product for overall usage to cleanse the skin as well as remove makeup by soothing it.
  • If you are a travel freak and looking for a micellar water product that can be handy and easy to carry, Philosophy Purity Made Simple Micellar Cleansing Water-Travel Size is the best.

Final words – Should you buy Micellar Water?

Micellar water is an amazing skincare product that can be used as a substitute for traditional cleansers. It not just cleanses your skin but also tones it. In short, Micellar water can do wonders to your skin by aiding hydration of the skin, retaining moisture, removing dirt and oil, and most importantly for cleaning your makeup (both eye and facial).

As such, we would suggest you try using this wonderful skincare product instead of a traditional cleanser and makeup remover which can keep your skin healthy and hydrated. You would certainly love it and find the difference in your skin.

However, if you still have any doubts in your mind regarding its usage, we suggest you consult your dermatologist before using it.

Have you ever used any of the micellar water products? If yes, you can certainly share your experience with us by heading to our comments section. Also, let us know your thoughts on our article!

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