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Maria Menounos Oscars 2022 Look is as Expected ‘Stunning’

With her gorgeous attire, the entertainment reporter wowed everyone at the Oscars 2022.

Maria Menounos is a multi-talented woman whose fate has blessed her with a profession in a variety of fields, and the best thing is that she is successful in all of them.

From being a reporter, actress, author, businesswoman even being a wrestler. So in any field, even being the finest fashionista, she has done a great job.

Even on a typical day out, her dress choices are so stunning, that she can make guys fall, oh or maybe girls, haha. Because we love what she wore.

Are you interested in finding out about how this multi-talented celebrity used her strategy to choose her dresses for the Oscars 2022? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn more about fashion design for yourself.

Maria Used A Completely Different Strategy To Get Ready For The Oscars In 2022

Other celebrities chose their favorite dresses, but Maria allowed followers, in short, us, the chance to choose one from her three dresses, which she has selected in the ‘Live! With Kelly and Ryan’s interview.

She revealed to Ryan and the other audiences that the designer ‘Celia Kritharioti’ has picked three outfits for her Oscars 2022 appearance.

She boasted that she is an excellent designer, having designed Maria’s wedding gown in Greece.

Celia, her designer, drew all of these sketches, and Maria displayed three gowns in the interview: one in red, another in green, and the third in turquoise with flurry end.

Maria’s top two outfits in the interview were the red gown and the green gown. She encouraged viewers to give their opinions at the end of the video.

Her Oscars Appearance Was As Expected ‘Outstanding’

Well, she chose that green gown, and I’m sure she didn’t let her fans disappointed.

The dress is off-the-shoulder and has a split in the middle that divides the dress in half with four ribbon-like designs. She had her hair styled tidy, and not a single hair strand was of place.

Her look didn’t seem to be overdressed, or underdressed. It appeared to be just perfect.

Maria Shared Her Oscars 2022 Look On Her Instagram Handle

Maria posted a photo of her dazzling look from the event to her Instagram account, captioning it with the names of the designers that designed her outfit, shoes, rings, and other accessories.

She shared the exact photo in a second post, but with a different pose. In this photo, we can get a better look at her incredible make-up.

“A close-up of my glam! We loved accentuating the Kelly-green dress with a graphic green line. And the hair was inspired by @burberry runway autumn winter 2022 fashion week,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

It was obvious that after posting such great photos, she would receive positive feedback, and she actually did.

Comments like: “In love. This dress is lit,” one person said.

“Love that you went with green!!! My first choice,” said another.

“Wowza. Divine,” someone else commented.

So, what did you think of her Oscars 2022 look? Do you believe she was the best-dressed celebrity or was it another celebrity?

Don’t forget to show off your fashionable side by commenting on whatever aspect of her dress you adored the most.

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