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Lilly Singh “Cried Tears Made of Dollar Signs’ as She Chartered a Private Plane

“I know I’m supposed to flex on the gram like money ain’t a thang” is how Lilly captioned her Instagram pictures featuring Lily and her family enjoying themselves on a private chartered plane. Here is Lily’s recent post.

What Made Lilly Book a Private Plane?

When one sees the pictures Lily posted on her social media, one might think that it’s yet another celebrity flaunting their money but Lily had a different story which changes the perspective of how we view and judge people on social media.

Lily shared how the booking of a character plane was more of a necessity for her than a want as she balances her personal and professional life.

Lily started her story by telling how she “had to fly back to Canada to do the CGT finale this week, but I’m[She] also shooting a show in LA,” and the only way possible for her to meet both her commitments was to first travel to Canada for Monday and Tuesday and then travel back to LA on Wednesday.

But doing so was not possible as she shared that “there are no commercial flights that do this trip so late in the night. So I reluctantly and painfully had to drop a 💰to charter a plane in order to meet both of my work commitments.”

Taking the Decision to Spend the Dollars

She expressed how she was “so stressed about it. I spent days avoiding the booking and trying to find another way (there wasn’t one.) But then I looked at my vision board and right in the middle is a quote that says “more family time.” I booked the plane and invited my entire family to fly back to LA with me. In my heart, the only thing that could justify this cost was giving my loved ones an experience and trip of a lifetime.”

A Detour to Lilly’s Career

keeping it short, Lily was just a normal kid who belonged from Scarborough and was fixated on her dead-end nine-five job. Then one day she posted a short confessional video on YouTube and the next day we know that she became a global celebrity.

Her scrappy tomboy persona is what won people’s hearts and now she is not only a  Hollywood Scarlet but also made her fortune by directing, writing and starring in films and YouTube videos. Her eleven million subscribers who love her self-congratulatory alias of Superwoman have been the reason behind the rise of Lily and her “Whaddup! It’s your girrrrrrrrrl Superwoman!” has been adorned by the fans.

So yeah to conclude Lily cried the tears of dollar signs, which for sure the celebrity has earned and worked towards, but as she said “on the bright side, my family is here. And that’s a bigger flex than anything. Because why else do we work this hard ❤️”

Supporting her Laina also commented on her post “Get it, girl! ❤️ enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to have – a memory like this with your family will stay with you forever in the best way” emphasizing how the money spent on family is all worth it !!

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