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Kris Jenner and her Italian Yacht Getaway with Corey Gamble

Kris Jenner has always kept her fans and following intrigued with her sneak peeks into her luxurious life. This time, it’s a glimse into her Italian getaway with her boyfriend Corey Gamble.

The Beautiful Beach Sailing

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kris was seen sailing through the waters across Italy and France with her boyfriend Corey on a yacht which apparently cost $45 Million.

Though previously there were rumours that Kris and Corey had split after Corey was missing from kris’s daughter, Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding which took place recently. But these pictures of them sailing together have made the couple reject all the rumours and the fans know that Corey was not troubled by being excluded from Kourtney’s wedding.

The momager’s beach sailing and soaking up in the sun on the star student Amalfi coast came weeks after she attended her daughter’s wedding in Portofino and it seems that the 66-year-old mom did not want the celebrations to end and extended her trip across the Mediterrane with her boyfriend.

The Details

Taking up her Instagram, Kris Jenner posted the first of what we anticipate of the many photographs that might come our way. The picture was a beautiful picture of Kris and Corey in a perfect couple’s pose and the view of the blue ocean waters and sprawling coastline surrounding them.

Kris Jenner looked flawless in her pink printed flowy dress paired with a matching head scarf alongside Corey who carried out his sporty look in a pastel cabana shirt and shorts co-ord as he held Kris from the back.

Corey also posted a “Med day Love …” post of Kris and himself and he added another picture of the two getting intimate and leaning in for a kiss amidst the serene background on the luxurious yacht.

Vacationing With The Hilfigers

The next glimpses in the series of the pictures from this extravagant weekend getaway were the ones where Kris shared how they were joined by their friends Tommy and Dee Hilfiger.

The caption of the post – “An amazing trip to the Mediterranean with our besties and partners in crime @thomasjhilfiger @mrshilfiger! Thank you Tommy and Dee for the heavenly week full of fun and laughter we treasure your friendship and love you dearly. love you @coreygamble 💙❤️,” clearly sums up the experience this Insta famous mom has on her weekend.

The Great Food

As we know that no vacation is complete without some delicious food and the group has seemed to have enjoyed scrumptious seaside dinner and drinks at La Scogliere, a coastal beach resort.

Coming to the drinks the couple even took out some time and visited an underground wine cave which showcased the best and the most expensive wines in the world and kris posted a picture of Corey Posing with all the wines behind him.

From all the eye-popping drinks to the amazing-looking food to the beautiful outfits of the couples, it seems that the couples seemed to have had a decadent vacation which caught everyone’s eyes on the internet.


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