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Jojo Siwa Stuns the Internet with her ‘Minion’ Avatar, See Photo

Did you ever imagine JoJo Siwa as a minion? Well, neither did we. But the dancer-singer has done the unthinkable and broke the internet by posing in a minion get-up.

The 19 year old Youtuber posted a photo of herself on Instagram, in which she can be seen rocking the ‘minion look’. She appeared in make-up that resembled the adorable yellow creatures. Continue reading to see Siwa’s minion avatar.

JoJo Siwa Appears in Minion Make-Up

The Dance Moms star used yellow colored marbles all over her face to look like popular film characters. She further used black and white marbles to form the eyes of the minions.

The make-up was supported by a blue zipper top, another color associated with the costumes of minions. Siwa also revealed that this is her most favorite makeup ever. Captioning the photo, she wrote, “This is my favorite makeup I’ve ever done #minions 💛”

The photo has been getting a lot of appreciation ever since Siwa posted it, with over 181k likes and more than 900 comments. While one fan wrote, “jojo this is the funniest thing i have seen ever,” another one wrote, “We Stan a minion queen 💛💛”

A follower also commented, “OMG YOU SLAYED THIS”. “Omg how long did it take you it looks amazing❤️🔥” wrote another fan.

JoJo was Recently in the News for Calling Candace Cameron Bure ‘The Rudest Celebrity’

JoJo Siwa was recently in the news when she called actress Candace Cameron Bure ‘the rudest celebrity’. She said the statement in a video, following a TikTok trend. The video quickly went viral.

She did not reveal any further details on why she felt that way or where she had met the actress. Following the video, fans were expecting a lot of drama and waiting for a reply from Candace. The actress, however, managed the situation well and apologized to JoJo.

She took to Instagram to talk about the incident and said she was shocked about JoJo’s claims as they had only met once and had a good conversation. She further revealed she has talked about the whole issue with JoJo. 

Candance told, “She (JoJo) said, ‘You know, I met you at the Fuller House premiere and I was 11 years old. And we were all on the red carpet and I had come up to you and I said, ‘Can I have a picture with you?’ and you said to me, ‘Not right now,’ and then you proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.'”

In response, she told JoJo, “I kind of broke your 11-year-old heart. I didn’t take a picture with you. Ugh! I feel crummy, I feel—JoJo, I’m so sorry.”

JoJo Siwa Shot to Fame as the youngest contestant on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Siwa began her career as a top-5 finalist and the youngest contestant in the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She appeared on the show with her mother and was eliminated in week 9. She then appeared on Dance Moms in 2014 and 2015.

In May 2016, Siwa released singles I Can Make U Dance and Boomerang. In 2020, she was listed in Time’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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