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Jenny Slate Rode a Broken Bike to Impress Husband, Katie Lowes Spoke About Her ‘Cloffice’

We all do weird things in love. Jenny Slate revealed she overcame her fears of bikes and rode a broken one to impress her now-husband Ben Shattuck. The Parks and Recreation star appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and revealed what she did for love. Not only this, but Charlie Day also performs an impromptu serenade of his go-to karaoke song. Read on to learn what Kelly unwrapped from some unseen instances from this interview.

Jenny’s Done Crazy Things In Love…

Kelly Clarkson played Charlie Day and Jenny Slate’s interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show wherein she asked the stars if they’ve done anything crazy. Charlie Day joked, “No a lot of begging, crying…Just bleeding and then a good dose of depression.” On the other hand, Jenny Slate shared the hilarious story of when she rode a broken bike without a helmet across Amsterdam to impress her now-husband.

Jenny said, “I would say when I first started dating my husband, he lived in Amsterdam and we met here in the United States.” Kelly revealed a gorgeous picture of Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck and asked how was she able to make it in a long-distance relationship.

Jenny stated, “It was a long-distance relationship and I was like, Okay I really, really like him. And I was rather free and had the time to go to Amsterdam but if you’re like dating someone for two weeks.” ” You’re not gonna be like, Oh I’ll come to another country just to casually date you,” she said sarcastically.

She continued, …wanted to kind of like thread the needle a little bit, not freak him out and so he was like, well I’ll be there for Christmas and I’m Jewish so I don’t have those commitments during Christmas. So I was like–I’ll come to visit you then. And so, this was really extreme but he doesn’t really get that.”

Jenny Slate revealed that she went to Amsterdam and she did not tell him that riding bikes was one of her biggest fears. She added that she felt like she might just fall off…going through the city without a helmet to look cute. Kelly added, “Yes, it’s freaky because I have done that…and people are high.”

Jenny revealed that he was like we’re gonna ride bikes and I was like, oh yea, yea, yea for sure. Not a problem for me, and she was like “I am gonna be brave for love” and “gonna like ride the bike on the date”. She added, “I was like riding the bike through the city being like, I’m gonna die today, like this is the end of my life, trying to get this guy to like me. And we finally got, and I was like, bikes are hard though.”

Jenny continued, ...”And then we got to where we were gonna go and I got off the bike and I guess I am really bad at sports and that was like really, really hard. And Ben was like, “Oh, my God! Your bike is totally broken. And the whole time, like, we were trying to go to the left, I was like what is this bike about, and I couldn’t get it to go.” Jenny narrated how she got to know that the bike was broken after riding it the whole time just to impress Ben.

Katie Lowes Joines In, Reveals Her Secret Cloffice…

After this hilarious conversation, Katie Lowes from “Inventing Anna” joined in the conversation. As the duo became a trio, Kelly asked Katie, “Is it true that you have a room? I wanna know how you got this because my kids invade every space and nook and cranny of my house.”

Kelly Clarson was shocked that Katie Lowes has a space where her kids cannot get to. Katie revealed that she has a room which is called her cloffice, which is the closet, office hybrid. She said, “It’s my little, it’s a closet, and yes, my husband Adam just put a piece of whatever that wiping in the drawers and I pull it out and then I put my laptop on it and the door locks, like my closet door locks.

Katie revealed that Adam scream to get in but he cannot get in. Kelly was astonished to know that her closet door locks. Katie revealed that it’s been years that she has had this cloffice now. It’s like her to-go place where no one can come. Kelly then asked Slate if she has a space in her house where kids cannot get to. Slate sarcastically answered, “The bathroom, that’s the only thing.

Kelly revealed that she doesn’t even have privacy in the bathroom and said that her kids would start banging on it the moment she’d get in. Charlie Day joined in and mimicked his children who won’t let him be in the bathroom as well. Katie Lowes also revealed that before her show “Scandal”, she did a lot of catering for Hugh Jackman’s Super Bowl party and every Sunday dinner at Courtney Cox’s house with Jennifer Aniston and all these F.R.I.E.N.D.S. people and it was so much fun.

Kelly continued asking similar questions to Slate and Charlie about their encounters with celebrities. Charlie Day revealed he had an encounter with Aniston as she invited him to a party at her house and his wife was like, “We should bring like a bottle of wine and be polite” but he was like this is a written invitation and it may be a big party and he was not sure of a bottle of wine would work.

He continued, “Mary Lewis says, I am bringing a bottle of wine and she brings it in, we walk in the door and the first person I see is Tom Cruise, Ellen, Jen and just like gonna put the bottle back in the bush. It was like an $8 bottle of wine.” Everyone burst out into laughter as Charlie joked, “This is from Ralphs’.”

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