Jameela Jamil Speaks out Against Kim Kardashian-West’s Promotion of Appetite Suppressants

The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil is a fearless leader. After championing body positivity and tackling weight shaming with her Instagram movement I Weigh, she has spoken out against Kim Kardashian-West’s damaging choice to advocate taking diet suppressants. She took to social media to convey that by promoting the Flat Tummy Co’s product - appetite suppressing lollipops! - Kardashian-West was being a terrible and toxic influence on young girls.

Luckily, Jamil is headstrong about the path she wants to take and isn’t backing down, even if it means calling out reality TV’s biggest star.

The Kardashians are clearly loaded and enjoy a very heavy fan following. This is obvious because they’ve been dominating the E! network and tabloids for several years now. Like Jamil herself said, the family’s matriarch Kris Jenner is obviously a genius at marketing and branding their clan. However, by advertising products like this, Kim K is sending out a harmful message.

It’s almost confusing to me because the entire family is already associated with multiple big brands and products. They have their own make up lines, perfumes, continuous paparazzi hot on their trails. There is no lack of attention or income. To sell out for something like an appetite suppressent is disappointing and thoughtless.

A few hours after Jamil openly addressed this, Kardashian-West’s initial post on Instagram disappeared. While it was believed she did this because of the rising online protest about it, it turns out Instagram accidentally deleted the post from Kardashian’s page, apologized for it, and restored it to its original glory.

Jamil, who is currently shooting season 3 of the NBC comedy, hasn’t shied away from taking on the Kardashian family before when it comes to this issue. In fact, her I Weigh movement stemmed from Khloe Kardashian’s social media post, an image of the women in her family and how much they weigh. Looks like she’s had enough. She’s not wrong.

Had enough of their bullshirt. There is a line. That line is being paid to sell products such as lollipops that “suppress appetite” to young, easily influenced girls. It is morally dubious to push this messaging and these products so people will buy them to get a face and body that you got with personal trainers, starvation, juice fasts, Facetune and surgery. Women are deserving of more priorities than this shallow nonsense. We are smart, strong, interesting, funny, survivors, mothers, friends and human bloody beings. Follow @i_weigh to see a museum of amazing women and men who see more than just what’s on the outside. Remember your value cannot be measured on a scale. Fork off Kardashians. Times up on women upholding the patriarchal toxicity dragging us down.

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Nothing about this is against Khloe, Kim, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan or their success. It’s about how they often choose to deal with body issues. Khloe, especially, was often teased for being bigger than her sisters in the early years of their reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” It’s an unfortunate thing to face, which should make her even more empathetic to the topic. This applies to all of them because unfortunately, much of the spotlight on them has often been about their looks. They have a platform to promote body positivity, not attack it.

Hopefully, through all of this emerges a healthy discussion about fitness and body positivity and none of this turns into fodder for shoddy magazines and gossip columns about a Jamil vs. Kardashian feud. By speaking out against these actions, Jamil has opened up the floor for a much-needed conversation about our prejudiced views on beauty, the need to embrace body positivity, and how celebrities have a responsibility to uphold, too. Let’s power through with her.


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