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How to Tell If Someone is Jealous of You?

Jealousy is a bitter word and a strong emotion. Whether you excel at work, find a good partner, or buy that high-end label for yourself, some people tend to become jealous of you. This emotion can make one’s eyes go green, and also brings out the worst in them.

15 Signs That Tells if Someone is Jealous Of You

So how do you spot whether someone is jealous of you or not? Check out the below-listed signs:

  1. Jealous people are overly appreciative. They will act over-supportive towards you, but from the inside, they will go green.
  2. People who are jealous of you will often give you insincere compliments.
  3. One of the quickest signs to spot jealous people is that they will deliberately give you false advice. It is because they do not want the good to happen to you.
  4. Jealous people are highly competitive. They want to compete with you in all aspects. They will make it a point to compete with you, come what may.
  5. You can spot a person jealous of you when they copy you a lot. Whether it is your dress sense, talking style, your nature of work, or others – they will not shy away from copying you. They are real copycats.
  6. People who are jealous of you do not want to see you happy. Thus, they will always try to bring you down by saying the things that you may not like. They cannot accept seeing you happy.
  7. Behind every jealous person is their insecurity. Their insecurity is a clear sign of why you should stay away from such people.
  8. The body language of some people directs the emotion of jealousy that they feel deep within. They will try to fake smile at all your laurels and achievements. Some will even try to roll their eyes.
  9. The green-eyed monster will show up in their eyes when you bond well with other people around you. Jealous people will not like you being praised by someone.
  10. Another sign to spot a jealous person is this person will always cut your conversation with others. They will not let you talk.
  11. Jealous people are always talking behind your back. Upon a confrontation, they will deny it and tell you are very dear to them.
  12. The people who are jealous of you will always overemphasize their achievements in front of you. They will ensure they make themselves feel superior by boasting about their achievements.
  13. If a person bombards you with a series of uncomfortable questions such as your past experience, failures, and others, know that they are highly jealous of you. These follow-up questions will be brought continuously during the conversation.
  14. Jealous people cannot come to terms with the fact that you have achieved something after your hard work and dedication. Thus, they will always tell you that it is your luck.
  15. People who are jealous of you will often undervalue your success. No matter how big or small a milestone you have achieved, they will undermine it.

Spot the above-listed signs at the earliest and cut off from such people to maintain your peace and sanity. Connect with us and be informed.

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