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How to Tell If a Pearl is Real?

If you are a connoisseur of jewelry, you must be owning a set of beautiful pearls!

Pearls are beautiful and quintessential gemstones, the elegance of which is eternal. Whatever be the occasion, if you wear pearl jewelry, it will become the highlight of your look and charm everyone. But do you know not all pearls are real?

Nowadays, the markets are swarmed with imitations and counterfeits of jewelry, especially when it comes to gemstones like pearls. Earlier, pearls were only found in the wild and were rare. But the advancements in technology have introduced many fake pearls, and people are wearing them with no qualms.

How to tell if a pearl is fake or real?

Whether you have bought it yourself or received it as a gift, it is essential to determine if your pearls are real or fake. Here are some quick tips to help you find the authenticity of your pearl jewelry.

Take a Tooth Test

Rub the pearl against your tooth and feel its texture. If the surface is gritty, congratulations, the pearl is authentic. But if the surface feels smooth, it is a faux gem, and you have been duped. (We are Sorry).

Similarly, you can rub two pearls against each other to check their texture. The real ones will feel gritty.

Check with a Magnifier

You can check and observe a pearl with a magnifying glass for its authenticity. Real pearls generally have a grainy surface. On the other hand, the surface of fake pearls is smooth and glossy, and they often appear like an eggshell.

Check the Temperature

Touch the pearl. Do you feel the coolness? If yes, the pearl you are holding is a real pearl. These pearls are cold to touch for a few seconds; after getting touched by your skin, they warm up. Faux pearls have the same temperature throughout. Moreover, you do not feel cool when you touch these pearls.

Observe the Color

Natural pearls embrace an overtone, a translucent color appearing on their outer surface. You will notice a hint of green and pink over the fine-quality pearls. But if you examine them and see no change in color, they are the fake ones. Fake pearls also lack depth when compared to real gems.

Test it In Fire

Another method to check the authenticity of the pearl is to test it in the fire. Burn a pearl mildly in a naked flame. A real pearl remains shiny despite the heat and produces no odor. If you keep flaming it for 2 minutes, it will make a popping sound. On the other hand, a fake pearl will not only produce a bad odor but also lose its luster under naked fire.

You can combine the above-listed 2-3 methods to check the authenticity of the gemstone. If these tests do not come to your rescue, take the pearls to a gemologist and learn about their nature. Always shop for pearls from a reputed jewelry store and confirm their authenticity.

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