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How To Do A Smokey Eye Yourself?

How do you slay an evening party look?

By wearing your favorite dress, carrying the most stylish bag from your closet, putting on those high heels, and of course, smoking up your eyes.

Sultry, smokey eye makeup can make anyone look sexy. The beautiful dark eyes can be worn during the events such as evening parties, date nights, and even formal evening event or festivities. All you need to do is to learn the smokey eye makeup. Once you master the art, nothing will stop you from looking like a Diva.

How to Do Smokey Eyes?

Whether you want it subtle or do not mind experimenting with the drama, creating the right kind of smokey eyes is essential. This glam eye makeup is classy and is easy to carry, even if you are a no makeup person. The use of the right products has a role to play. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to smoke up your eyes.

Products that you may need

1. Concealer

A full-coverage concealer gives all the base makeup benefits such as brightening, blurring, concealing, and even color correcting. Make sure that you use the right concealer according to your skin tone.

2. Eyeshadow brush

Right before blending your smokey eye, you need a dense eye shadow brush to transfer the pigment to your lids uniformly. Make sure to use a brush that has soft bristles and a compact shape. You will be able to put the eyeshadow easily and more comfortably.

3. Blending Brush

Using a blending brush is a must to make sure that the crease, base, as well as highlight shades mix properly into each other without creating harsh lines.

4. An Eyeshadow Palette

For a classic smokey eye, you will require three different coordinating eyeshadow shades – one for the all-over-shade, the second one for the crease color, and the last one for the highlight.

5. A Gel Eyeliner

Nowadays, gel eyeliners are very much in vogue. It is because they glide seamlessly and stay for as long as 24 hours. Another plus point of using gel eyeliners is that they are waterproof. The gel formula of the liner promotes a rich and blendable color.

6. A Mascara

A mascara lengthens, thickens, and curls your lashes, thus giving a dramatic look. Always buy waterproof mascara.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial of Smokey Eyes

Here’s a guide on how to do smokey eye makeup:

Step 1

Always begin with a clean base. After moisturizing and priming your eye, put a concealer both on the eyelids as well as undereye. This step evens out the discoloration.

Step 2

Pick the darker-colored eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush and then pack it into the outer corner. Blend the eyeshadow using a blending brush to avoid harsh lines. You can pick up more color if you want more intensity in your makeup.

Step 3

Take the lighter shade for the crease color and apply it on your crease followed by blending it properly into the previous color. Make sure you blend everything perfectly to prevent harsh lines.

Step 4

Use the gel eyeliner on your lash line. You can even wing it if you want a more dramatic look. Smudge the liner and blend it with the existing eye shadow. If you want to go bolder, apply some liner to the crease area to deepen it and then blend again. The application of the liner must be followed by using a highlighting shade of the eyeshadow beneath your brow bone. Keep blending everything properly.

Step 5

Put some gel eyeliner in your waterline as well and smudge it to give a smokey effect.

Step 6

Even out anything extra by blending your eyeshadow and making sure that everything looks perfect. Add some mascara to your eyelashes to create a volumizing look. You can also add fake lashes to finish the look.

You are ready to rock the black smokey eye look!


The Do’s:

  • Using a primer before applying concealer ensures that your makeup stays for long and doesn’t smudge.
  • If you want to create the most attractive smokey eye look, add some warmth by using a bit of a brown. Mix the blacks with the browns to give more dimension.
  • Who says smokey eye makeup has to be black? You can play with different colors such as navy blue, dark purple, dark olive, charcoal gray, and even deep plum.
  • The thumb rule while doing smokey eye makeup is to stay close to your lashes. Do not extend your makeup too far as it may create ‘Panda Eyes’.
  • Blending is the key to obtaining flawless eye makeup. The more you blend, the better it becomes.
  • It is a big no to use a poor-quality product. Not only do they make your makeup look cakey, but also harm your eyes. Prioritize quality over quantity and buy from a cruelty-free brand.
  • After applying the eye makeup, clean up using Q-tips or an eye makeup remover. The whole look will appear polished. Don’t forget to highlight your inner eye corners with the same highlighter that you have used beneath the brow bone.

The Don’ts:

  • Being dramatic with your smokey eye makeup is okay, but being over-dramatic is a big no. (It makes you look like you are debuting at the Met Gala, eh).
  • Do not pile all your makeup at once. If you are doing smokey eyes, avoid things such as heavy blush or dark lipstick. When doing smokey eyes, keep everything else subtle.
  • You can experiment with different colors of eye shadow but never go too overboard with this tip. Always remember – less is more.
  • Do not let your eyeliner get out of control. When your liner starts appearing too thick or even too close to your hairline, use a makeup remover and break it a little. Always start with applying a little liner and then work the way up.

Smokey eyes look gorgeous, powerful, and extremely feminine. You don’t have to splurge your money and book a professional makeup artist to get this look anymore. Just follow the above-listed steps. Also, do not overlook the do’s and don’ts.

Dear Queen, get ready to slay!!!!!

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