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How Long Does it Take for Ear Piercing to Heal?

Once a tradition, piercing your ear has become a trend now. The whole world, both men and women, are getting their ears pierced to keep up with the current trend. Once pierced, you can flaunt a variety of earrings.

Here are the different kinds of ear piercings that you may opt for:

  • Earlobe

This one is a go-to ear-piercing spot to consider for ear piercing. The earlobe is the bottom-most area of your ear. The piercing is easy to clean and take care of. The healing time is much quicker than other types of piercing.

  • Helix

It is a curvy tissue present at the very top of your ear, falling into the second place after piercing your lobe. The healing time of the helix is a little longer than the lobe. You are merely expected to keep your ear clean.

  • Tragus 

Tragus is present right above your earlobe. It is the hardest section of your ear to pierce, resting right in front of your ear canal. Tragus is the most uncommon piercing of all. At the same time, it is quite difficult to take care of. The healing time of this region of your ear is the longest. Interestingly, piercing this area has benefits for people suffering from migraine and anxiety.

Once pierced, the healing time of the ear may vary from person to person. For most people, the healing time is 6-9 weeks. Your ears usually pierce from the inside out. But beware, sometimes healing from the outside doesn’t mean that your ears are healed from the inside as well. A pierced tragus may take months to heal.

Does piercing your ears hurt? 

Whether or not piercing hurts depends upon your intensity to bear the pain. Some people may feel a pinch in their ear, followed by throbbing pain. But it doesn’t last long. The pain from either piercing method is equivalent.

Piercing the earlobe is the least painful of all. It is because this region has a lot of fatty tissues.

How To Take Care of The Pierced Ears During their Healing Period?

  • It is essential to wash and dry your hands before touching the earrings or pierced area.
  • Do not put on new earrings in the pierced area for the first six weeks of your piercing.
  • Clean your earlobe as well as earrings once or twice a day for a few days after piercing. You can use an antiseptic solution and a cotton Q-tip to clean the area. You can also apply organic coconut oil for quicker healing.
  • It is a good idea to spin your earrings while cleaning the earring area.
  • Do not wet your ears too much. Keeping them wet for a long time invites infection, bruises, and other issues. It also increases the pain.
  • Keep watching for the infection now and then for 1-2 weeks after piercing.

If you are experiencing excessive bleeding or pain in the area, contact your dermatologist at the earliest. Also, follow all the after-care instructions given by the piercer.

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