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How Does Bumble Work? Find out Before Getting Started

Who had thought that swiping right will help you find your soulmate!

Online dating has become a big fad today. The internet is full of various online apps with which you can connect with some like-minded people and may as well fall in love with them. Bumble is one of the most popular online dating platforms known for its many unique features.

Ever since its very inception, Bumble has taken the entire online dating app world by storm. The app lets you swipe or like another person, and if they do the same to you, congratulations, you may break the ice and start a conversation with them.

If you are looking forward to finding your one and only and settling down with them, why not sign up with this app? Want to know how Bumble works? Here are the details.

Create your Profile

When you download and open the app, it asks you to create your profile. Setting up the profile is easy. You need to put in all the details such as your name, age, gender, email address, photograph (they may as well want to verify your identity), and other information.

  • You can add a total of 6 photos. The app also allows you to import them from your social media platforms.
  • The About Me section is where you can write everything about yourself. How you want to describe yourself is subjective! While some people like keeping it simple, others do not mind starting their intro with a punchline.
  • You can add other details like work and education, basic info, etc.

Bumble also allows your profile to connect to Instagram and Spotify. The former can be used to display some stunning photos to your profile. You can connect Bumble to Spotify and find a match with the same music taste as yours. It is so cool!

Swipe, Swipe

The profiles that you see on your main swiping are the ones that match all your preferences of age and distance. You are free to change your preferences anytime from the Settings section. There are two ways to like the profile – you can either swipe right or press the white tick situated at the bottom of your potential matches.

It’s A Match

If you and your potential match swipe right or like each other, it will be a match. Now, Bumble has already played the cupid between you two. It’s time to start the conversation.

Make the Most of Messaging

If you match with the same gender, either person may send a message to begin the conversation. However, things work differently if you happen to match with the opposite gender.

When a girl and guy match, the latter cannot message first. Thus, the ball remains in the female’s court. The chat will only get activated when a female wants. But the real catch here is that she would have to send a message within 24 hours of matching. If not, the match will expire and get deleted.

Other Things to Know

  • People who have swiped right on you will already appear on your swiping screen.
  • The app doesn’t follow your swiping patterns.
  • Do not swipe right on everyone, for Bumble may flag you as a bot.
  • Being active on your profile always works.

Now that you know everything about the app, it’s time to get Bumbled.

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