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How did Fat Joe Lose 200 Pounds? Rapper’s Weight Loss Journey Explored

Fat Joe is flaunting his incredible weight loss transformation! Not long ago, the famed rapper opened up about his impressive weight loss journey while having a conversation with Men’s Health.

During his latest interview with the magazine, the Lean Back hitmaker disclosed that he decided to change his lifestyle when he weighed his heaviest at 470 pounds. Continue reading further to gather more information about Fat Joe’s weight loss journey.

Rapper Fat Joe flaunts 200-pound weight loss

Joseph Antonio Cartagena who is well-known by the fans as ‘Fat Joe’ has lost a whopping 200 pounds. He talked about his weight loss journey in detail with Men’s Health for the magazine’s “Hip Hop Health” series.

The All The Way Up rapper told the magazine that he went through a phase of depression following the sudden death of his best friend Big Pun. His close pal Big Pun passed away in his 20s from a heart attack.

He said, “I went to his funeral and I felt like Ebenezer Scrooge. Like, I seen me. And I’m looking at his little daughter. She was the same age as my daughter. I said, ‘You gotta lose weight; otherwise you outta here.’”

The American musician explained that he started learning about the ins and outs of good habits. He went on to say, “Your body’s just a computer. It reads stuff you eat in different ways.”

Joe also mentioned that keeps a track of his blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels every three months to ensure that he is healthy. He referred to his mind as “the most complex Rubik’s Cube you could ever, ever, ever, ever try to figure out.”

The New York City native compared his mental health at that point in time to a scene of the movie The Matrix Resurrections when Keanu Reeves’ character Neo sits in a bathtub with a rubber duck on his head.

Joe told Men’s Health, “That’s what depression was like to me. When you’re fighting yourself, there isn’t a wall high enough that you can build. There isn’t an island you can go to.”

He continued, “There isn’t a place you can go to where you get away from it, because you’re fighting your mind. You wake up, and then the minute you think about it, your brain sends you a message to say, ‘We’re not supposed to be happy.’ And then you fall right back into depression.”

Fat Joe will not be changing his stage name

Yeah, you read that right. Despite his amazing weight loss transformation, the rapper will still go by the name of Fat Joe. In an October 2022 interview with Page Six, he disclosed that he will not be changing his stage name.

Then, The Shit Is Real singer spoke about his stage name ‘Fat Joe’ and said, “As a business I spent so many millions and millions of dollars marketing Fat Joe that it wouldn’t be smart to change my name now.”

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