13 Things You’ll Find in a Desi Home

August 11, 2020 Editorial     TheTealMango

If you grew up in a desi home or visit one, there are certain things you’ll be bound to discover. Let’s take a lil’ stroll down memory lane, shall we?

In the event you’re trying to adult now in that ever so desi way, we provide info on where you can get certain items to desify your home.

1. A Stripping Area of Sorts

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Desis like shoes to come off when you enter the house—it’s just the respectful thing to do—so there will be a place to put your shoes by the front door.

WARNING: Don’t make the mistake of bringing your shoes in the desi home unless you’re given the go-ahead by the homeowners.

Want to be a “good Indian’ and provide a shoe rack for visitors? Check out this 4 tier shoe rack.

2. A Room for God

A Hindu household will typically have numerous framed pictures of deities or status. In fact, many Hindu homes have a home-based shrine or even a separate prayer/puja room.

Want to adult a lil and have your own framed image of a Ganesh? Check price here

3. Yogurt Containers Galore (sans Yogurt)

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Yogurt containers are a total mind fuck because you know what? They seldom contain yogurt! Instead, you’ll find just about everything else under the sun.

Hook up your parents with food storage containers that aren’t dahi dabbas. You may get in trouble for spending money on this because they’ll say dahi dabbas are THE perfect storage containers. Sigh.

4. Cookie Tins (sans cookies, duh)

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Seeing a theme here? Just like the dahi dabba seldom has dahi in it, cookie tins never contain cookies. Instead, there were various other household items like buttons, sewing kits, and recipe note cards. Or it may serve as storage for bangles.

But never effin’ cookies.  Where are the damn cookies?!

5. Masala Dabba

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Your mom/grandmother’s (sometimes father’s) cooking was made possible by the masala dabba that was in the kitchen. You would get slapped if you forgot to put the cover on.

Want your own? We gotchu here.

6. Atta

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Next-to that masala dabba, you’ll find a massive bag of atta lying around because god forbid,  you ever, I mean EVER, go a day without chapati or roti. GASP!

To buy your own baby with roti click here. SIKE! We ain’t about that life. But seriously check out this cool atta dough mixer.

7. Plastic Wrap

Photo Source: Rolf India

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Everything seems to be in the original plastic wrapping it was packaged in when it came out of the box. This includes the remote—why? I don’t think anyone understands why. It’s just how we do.

Note to all desi parents: there are spot treatments and cleaning products for your furniture and appliances. You can take the plastic off.

8. VCDs

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VCDs are Video CD’s that your family will have stockpiled with movies from the motherland.  Nevermind their usually poor quality. They are a prized collection of yesteryear(s).

Want better quality? And for some reason, want your own collection of Bollywood VCDs? Search no more, look here.

9. Basically a Forrest (Plants Galore)

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Desis love growing their own plants—lots of plants. Whether it’s a garden full of flowers or herbs like basil or mint or a full-on farm with cucumbers, green chilies, tomatoes and more—you better be sure a desi is growing it.

Chances are, there will be a tulsi (holy basil) plant, banana tree, or lemon tree smack dab in the middle of the kitchen because, why not?

It’s a weird green thumb that desis have or maybe it’s their inner desire to have a home like they did from the motherland.

Check out these indoor plants and cultivate your own lil desi green thumb.

10. Gold/Silver/Copper

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Why is it most desi homes look like they are gilded with some metal? All houses have this metal theme whether it’s in living and dining rooms or in the plates and bowls used to serve food.

That look could be yours, too, Ya know. Getcha house all gilded and blingy!

11. Enormous Pans and Pots

Photo Source: Pinterest

Each desi home has a larger than life cooking vessel, a big ass handi actually, that’s massive and you’re always reminded that one day you’ll inherit. There’s no way you’ll find that vessel in America.

You’d think there isn’t a frequent use for these but nope! Interestingly enough, these big-ass pans and pots are used almost Every. Damn. Weekend.

We’re not even sharing a link for where you can get these bad boys. We think it’ll mean more coming from your mama. Look at you with your BIG inheritance!

12. Medicine Cabinet

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All desis have an Ayurvedic component of medicines from Iodex to Amrutanjan that that will cure you of every ailment from stomach pain to migraines to providing energy to study more and become a doctor or something of equal prestige.

13. Chai and Biscuits

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Every desi home has some type of tea and biscuits, because what is an afternoon without copious amounts of both? Sometimes desi’s add on some pakoras or mithai if guests are over—and plenty of it seeing as they never leave when they come to visit.

Now, what’s that? You got the Chai but no biscuits? Tsk tsk. How very undesi of you. Catch up, buy ’em here.

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