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30 Most Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is officially known as the City of Las Vegas and even as Vegas. Americans even consider Las Vegas as Sin City. Las Vegas, known for its luxurious casinos and light-filled nights, is one of the most popular tourist places in America.

It’s a perception of many that the fun-filled city is famous for its Casino life. However, it is not just the Casinos but there are many other exciting things you can experience while you’re there. So, let’s straight away take a virtual tour into the glamourous city and all the things you can do!

30 Amazing things to do in the City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be an amazing holiday destination not just with friends but also with family. Below is the list of 30 amazing and fun-filled things you can do in the City of Las Vegas.

1. Watching the Iconic Bellagio Fountain

The Fountains of Bellagio is a show in Las Vegas that runs for about 15 to 30 minutes every day. There is a dazzling light, music, and water display. It is simply one of the most beautiful attractions you’ll find in Las Vegas.

2. Experiencing the Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street, also known as “Glitter Gulch”, is a gleaming street full of LED lights and many shops, restaurants, etc. It is in downtown Las Vegas and is fully pedestrianized. There, you can enjoy a light show, live entertainment, and there is even a zipline!

3. Want to Observe a Volcano Eruption?

In Las Vegas at The Mirage, which is a hotel, if you ever wanted to see what the Romans at Pompeii saw. Although it only occurs at night and only shoots flames into the sky.

4. Neon Boneyard

This iconic boneyard is part of Las Vegas history as it shows the many dazzling signs of the past. This can take you back to the past in blast to visit Sin City without TV screens as signs.

5. Fearlessly Walk Through the Streets of Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite Ghost Town is a ghost town because after the end of the gold and silver mining rush no one wanted to live there anymore. But do visit this place to take some insight into how your Wild West Towns are created in all the Wild West movies.

6. Walk or Take the Elevator to the Top of the Tallest Observatory in the US

Stratosphere Observation Deck is part of the STRAT, which is a hotel, skypod, and casino in one. With this tower being a whopping 1,149 feet high, this hotel will give you views of Las Vegas from above.

7. Go into the Depths of Lowest Point in the Western Hemisphere

Death Valley National Park contains an ecosystem of the Mojave Desert, which contradicts its name for death, as now it has life, but don’t forget to see Badwater Basin, which is the official lowest point at 282 feet below the sea. Don’t forget to mark your location on your social media platforms, for whether or not you will visit this incredibly hot place again.

8. Or Better Yet Go to the Valley of Fire?

Just like the name suggests this red rocky area contains some of the best places for a selfie, where under the rocks, the colorful shades of red can make your social media day.

9. Take the Most Memorable Selfie of the Year

Under the iconic Las Vegas Welcome sign, take the selfie that will make sure that you never forget the day that you visited Sin City.

10. Want to See Some Art?

Take a picture of this massive Earth Artwork known as Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone, made of painted rocks up to 35 feet high. This colorful artwork will encourage pictures for your social media stories and make you consider the reasoning behind this art piece’s unusual location between a highway and desert.

11. Grand Canyon, and Yes This is Technically not in Sin City

Take in this beautiful natural attraction created by the Colorado River, take animals to the bottom of it, and make sure to take those photos to brag to your friends. This visit will surely connect you more to nature.

12. Red Rock Canyon, to Perceive the Red Cliffs

Another natural beauty outside of Las Vegas, where the landscape of Red Cliffs can outmatch the man-made Mount Rushmore. You could hike with others up the trails and park. You’ll most definitely enjoy the beautiful red scenery!

13. Become a Mobster (Barely)

Learn about Mobs and their history at the Las Vegas Mob Museum, where you can learn about the Mobs and how the Law got them in their many films and exhibits. Where the Wild West was an untamed area for the mobs and gangs to grow, this experience will allow you to take pictures and view the equipment used by mobsters.

14. Experience NASCAR Driving

At the Richard Petty Driving Experience, drive or sit beside drivers driving around a NASCAR racetrack, the Las Vegas Speedway.

15. Want to See a Shark up Close and Personal?

At the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, visit the aqua life more than the sharks for they can be dived with for the extreme experience.

16. Drive a Fast Car

Drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren at Exotics Racing, on a racetrack built to go fast. At Exotics Racing, there is nothing but the speed that matters, which when the next time you see a Lamborghini in front of your friends, you’ll brag that you drove it in Las Vegas.

17. Hoover Dam Interiors

Visit the iconic Great Depression Dam, where the interiors tell the story of one of the dams that produce hydroelectric energy.

18. Learning How they Tested Atomic Bombs in the Past

The Atomic Testing Museum is the location where you can see the rich 70-year history of nuclear testing in the US after the Manhattan Project.

19. Marvel at the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

You can be amazed at the Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N. which contains the Hulk’s Lab, the other heroes, and if you wish, you can become Ironman, the same person that started the Marvel franchise.

20. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

View Sin City from the air, look above the Strip, and the center of the city from above. It’ll surely be a sight to see!

21. Take a Swim at Cowabunga Bay Water Park

At this Water Park, there are multiple rides, pools, waves, and water-related activities to cool off in the blazing sun of Sin City. In this experience, you can spend a day relaxing with your family with its diner and under the sun experiences.

22. Take a Tour from an Open Top Bus

With this tour, you can visit Sin City while taking a breeze, for this bus can take you to the places that are mentioned on this list. With this Open Top Bus Tour, you can view the city with more ease. As you sit back on the seat, you could click some nice selfies!

23. Looking at the Dolphins and Tigers

At the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, you can see tigers, lions, panthers, and even bottlenose dolphins up close. If you’re an animal enthusiast or with children, you definitely should go there.

24. Enjoy a dinner and show at Tournament of Kings

At the Tournament of Kings Dinner & Show, you can enjoy dinner while you watch the tale of King Arthur being performed live around you. Here you get to witness real horses and the meals are prepared the same way people in medieval times ate.

25. Go to an indoor theme park

Visit Adventure Dome and check out the thrilling roller coasters indoors! You could even play laser tag, get into bumper cars, and swinging ships. There are lots of attractions you could check out.

26. Escape Rooms

You could visit an escape room and find clues to the puzzles to escape before the time ends. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this fun experience!

27. Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant

While in Las Vegas, you could visit Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. There, you could have the experience of delicious food. This 7 Michelin Stars renowned chef’s staff will present the food that will make all the normal people take pictures of your food to post on your story in any of your social media.

28. Top of the Eiffel Tower

View the city on top of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas instead of going out of the nation to Paris. This tower is a recreation of the same one in Paris, where this one is for all the selfie and photo takers at night. When the city lights up, this place becomes the place to take photos and to visit with your family.

29. Go to a Las Vegas Show

There are multiple shows to see in Las Vegas from the comedies of certain AGT or BGT winning comedians to the magic shows of these competition-winning magicians.  Make sure to see and try to figure out the magic trick if you go to a show. Also, don’t forget to take a selfie with the magician or comedian for they are sure to blow your mind.

30. Gambling

Sin City or Las Vegas is known for its gambling parlors and hotels. From Caesar’s Palace to MMG hotel, every single hotel has some form of gambling table, where you can act like James Bond from Casino Royale, or take pictures of you winning in Roulette or Black Jack.

From gambling to the indoor adventure park, there are multiple things to do in Las Vegas, Visit Sin City Today!

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