Shilpa Shetty Kundra is always moving with the times. Currently, Bollywood’s dhumka queen is conquering the new generation with her own YouTube channel.

Unlike many of her peers from the 90s, Shetty-Kundra stays relevant by remaining active on social media and through her YouTube channel. Every Tuesday she drops a #ShilpaKaMantra post to empower, encourage, and inspire healthy living. She also releases yoga videos and a #TastyThursday cooking video in her series “The Art of Loving Food” on YouTube.

Shetty-Kundra has been winning hearts since the early 90s. She started her career as a model and then launched into an acting career with her debut film, “Baazigar” opposite Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. Since then she’s led a lucrative film career and went on to produce films, judge reality shows, launch a fitness career, become a writer, and now, start her own YouTube channel.

Did you know she has her own video game based on her book “The Diary of a Domestic Diva?”

If her adorable smile, versatile talents, and skilled dance moves weren’t enough to draw you in, here are 5 more reasons you need to start following Shetty Kundra’s YouTube channel now!

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Shetty-Kundra:

1She’s entertaining and energetic

Shetty-Kundra makes her videos fun to watch, she’s so full of energy. She is unapologetically herself in the videos and it is adorable. She even her family and actual friends as guests on her show like her good friend Farah Khan. Their chemistry is so natural, you know it’s not “just for the camera.”

2 She makes Indian cooking approachable 

If your mom is anything like mine, she’ll teach you how to cook using her hand and the giant wooden spoon she cooks with as measuring tools. How am I supposed to know how many tablespoons of salt goes into my chicken korma if she’s measuring with her hand? It can all be easily overwhelming but Shetty-Kundra makes it all easy with her simple recipes.

Shetty-Kundra even makes festive dishes like this sweet sheer khurma recipe for Eid!

3She appeals to all lifestyles 

Whether you love to work out or you enjoy desserts all day, Shetty-Kundra has got you covered. The multi-talented star has recipes for decadent desserts like homemade ice cream and carrot kheer. At the same time, she has work-out videos and low-calorie meals for the health conscious.

The best part is that she presents dishes that don’t sacrifice taste when it comes to healthy eating.


Cooking and how-to videos tend to be endless, but Shetty-Kundra’s cooking videos are roughly 4 to 7 minutes long. They are quick and to the point, so it never feels like a hassle to watch. Even her workout videos are under 15 minutes, so for lazy couch potatoes like myself, it’s an easy win.

5Her contagious positivity

From her weekly #ShilpaKaMantra to her recipes and yoga videos, a common theme is a positivity. Shetty-Kundra is constantly spreading the message to stay positive, stay healthy and make better choices. She supportively pushes her fans to try new things while educating them on the benefits a healthy lifestyle, like this sugar ditch challenge she tried last summer.


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