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Feeling Like a Vampire: Jimmy Kimmel gets Gwen Stefani’s Makeover

Just a Girl singer Gwen Stefani arrived at Jimmy Kimmel Show yesterday. The American singer launched her makeup line “GXVE” on 10 March 2022 and Kimmel got curious about her lipstick. She responded by giving Jimmy a makeover on the show.

Gwen arrives in style

Gwen Stefani arrived at Jimmy’s show in style. She was wearing a black and white jacket with a skirt. She was like the most gorgeous chessboard ever. No wait, I mean she donned a beautiful bikini topped with a white top and a skirt, all things checkered.

Even Gwen’s nails complimented her dress. She also wore a badass pair of sky blue boots. She complimented her dress with a lot of sparkling jewellery. Jimmy couldn’t stop adoring her sense of style and said that he can never make it this stylish. Gwen politely said, “You look great.”

Jimmy also congratulated Gwen about her wedding with Blake Shelton. The Rich Girl expressed her excitement about her newly-wedded life. Jimmy also revealed her wedding photo.  It was a photo of Gwen, Blake and Carson Daly. Jimmy said, “You just got married to both.”

No wait, she is happily married to the American singer while Carson Daly officiated the couple’s wedding. Gwen also revealed that Carson is a catholic and was the perfect officiate for their wedding. The television host could have been a priest. Gwen and Jimmy went on admiring Carson for being a beautiful human.

Kimmel’s Makeover

Jimmy was too curious to know about Gwen’s makeup line “GXVE”. Kimmel said, “Can I ask you a dumb question? What’s lipstick made out of?” Stefani said after some hesitation, “Oh my gosh. Well, um, I, that’s not my job, Uhm, uh…”

She then revealed that her makeup line is made up of clean and healthy ingredients. Like absolutely free from paraben and are vegan. She said, “I will say one thing though, I know that bad things can be put in makeup and this is a clean line with things that won’t harm you.

She added, “I didn’t even know they put bad things in there,” she said. Kimmel asked her again, “what “bad things” exactly?”, and she responded with “just things that can make you get sick.” Gwen meant that she learnt a lot about makeup ingredients during the making of GXVE. Let me tell you GXVE is safe.

The best part came when Gwen revealed her new makeup line. The toolkit was right there in front of Kimmel and seems like he was excited to try it. Gwen asked Jimmy to spread his beautiful lips and applied a bold red lipstick on them. It was the same shade that she was wearing on the show.

Gwen took her time to apply the shade, and said, “You look really good tonight!” Jimmy said, “I look like a Vampire”. Phew, to me, he looked worse. Jimmy, never try that thing again.

There was a lot of talk about Gwen and Blake’s wedding day, musicians, DJ, choice of songs and so on. Gwen even forgot her wedding ring. But the real highlight of the show was Jimmy’s makeover that make him feel like a Vampire. Did you watch the show? What do you think about his new look? Phew, Jimmy did pull it well.

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