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Experts Issue Warning Over the Viral TikTok Sunbathing Hack: Claiming it to be Unsafe

In this post-Covid era, everyone is all so excited to leave home and travel to a sunnier climate and get that perfect beach glow. While we know that Sun exposure is good for our Vitamin D levels but it can sometimes prove fatal for our skin if not taken care of.

But again as always, there is a TikTok trend going viral that promises people of the “beaut tan” they are aiming to get this summer.

The Influencer’s Hack to Getting a Beaut Tan

Mirian Mrovili, an influencer shared the hack with her followers on TikTok where she shared how she gets the beautiful tan by mixing moisturiser and water in a spray bottle.

She advises her viewers to spray this mixture before and after sunbathing and this hack already has around 5 million views with several viewers expressing how eager they are to try this hack themselves.

Though the influencer did clarify that she has put on an SPF for sun protection beforehand but the skin experts are warning everyone to not take part in this trend for the greed of getting that shine.

Skin Experts’ Warning Against the Hack

Though this trend is going viral there are many people who raised concerns over this summer hack and some of them even mentioned in the comments to use a generous amount of sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

The skincare experts at JustMyLook even raised a warning over this hack and mentioned- “We strongly advise against undertaking this hack.”

They further explained how “Not only is the process unsafe, but exposure to the sun in this way with no protection can severely increase the risk of sunburn which can lead to melanoma ( skin cancer ).”

This hack is dangerous and could lead to consequences as the water in the mixture can make the SPF in the lotion less effective and would inhibit it from doing its task of sun protection.

The Recommendation

The experts even gave the recommendation that “We recommend wearing an SPF of 30 or more and applying it 15 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun,” something most of us are already aware of.

We should be using a generous amount of sunscreen as even said by the experts

“Apply the equivalent of a shot glass (two tbsp) of sunscreen to the exposed areas of the face and body to achieve the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) stated on the bottle of sun cream.”

“This way you can still reap the benefits of the sun while minimising the risk.”

By applying sunscreen they said that we can still enjoy the sun and even minimize the harmful effect of the sun rays on our skin.

This is not the first time that the experts have to come to the rescue of the viewers of these TikTok hacks. Previously experts warned people against the tanning trend of using nasal sprays.

Hence when we consume any content we need to be cautious and see whether there is sufficient evidence of what is being promoted or shown on these social media platforms as some of these uninformed hacks can cause serious harm to our bodies.

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