Basic bitch is not a new term. It made waves around six years ago but the idea of a basic bitch hasn’t really diminished since. In fact, it’s only become more mainstream.  Especially with the fall season right now, which is the perfect time for a basic bitch to flaunt everything that makes her, her. But how did this whole concept even begin?

Before we dwell on it, I want to point out that a “bitch” is not just slang, it’s most definitely a derogatory term that no woman should be called. However, using basic bitch isn’t an insult as such, even if it is often considered to me.

Of course, there’s some stigma attached to being a basic bitch. She’s considered to be ditzy and unassuming. She’s probably not even aware she’s basic. She pretends to be the smartest one in the room but knows deep down she’s really not. She’s hopefully somewhere in the middle, which is a cushy enough place to be.

In 2011, Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” became the defining anthem for a basic bitch: a normal but undescribable woman. Interchangeable, even.

This spun into the world a series of ways to define who a basic bitch really is. CollegeHumor released a video in 2014 called “How to Tell You’re a Basic Bitch.” It laid a solid foundation for the term. Oh, and no big deal but it has over 12 million views.

What does the word basic mean to you? Ordinary. Simple. Adequate. Yet the word takes on a whole new meaning when used as the basic bitch. So, who is she?

A basic bitch is someone who respects everything that’s on-trend. It doesn’t need to be fancy or flashy. It’s almost like clockwork. As soon as it’s the first day of fall, there has to be pumpkin spiced latte in her hand.

The reason being a basic bitch isn’t an insult anymore is because it’s almost normal to be one. Is it better to rise above the mediocrity and become extraordinary in order to escape being a basic bitch? Maybe. Is it easy? Probably not.

Here’s a checklist of things to know whether you’re a basic bitch or not.

– Starbucks. Specifically, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

– Uggs

– Yoga pants

– The color pink. Or actually, any color that you just “luuuuve” and everything you own is that color.

– Hashtags and abbreviating words. #totes

– Ryan Gosling (and other similar looking white dudes)

– Iconic TV female personalities from the early 00’s including but not limited to Oprah Winfrey, the “Sex and the City” ladies, Rachel Green, Regina George, “Clueless.” Ugh, as if!

– Similarly, the inability to comprehend complex TV shows. “Scandal” becomes all about Olivia Pope’s hairstyle and not her fierce character. 

– Motivational quotes

– Lover of leggings

– The perfect Instagram picture, especially if it relates to anything mentioned above.

The thing about checking off everything on this list is that it puts you in a bracket with many, many, many women from different backgrounds who enjoy the same things. You can range from the ubiquitous white woman to the millennial desi girl. Surprisingly enough, who you *are* doesn’t interfere with your basic bitch-dom. It unionizes people in a way.

Yes, there are many valid arguments to be made about finally dismissing the term for being offensive and rude. It generalizes all the women who love pumpkin spiced lattes or rewatch “La La Land.” We often hear “oh, you’re so basic” and immediately think it demonizes these women and the rest of the world is better than them. Hot pink yoga pants make basic bitches expendable.

Let’s just look at it this way, most basic bitches end up being part of their own little clique, in a like #sisters4life way. It’s a phase that they may grow out of, especially because most women who are, in fact, basic bitches, might be a little ditzy but don’t really care about your judgment. In a weird way, being basic is their strength even though others may not agree.

Basic bitches are here to stay. Let them own it (on Instagram) and move on.




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