Beauty bloggers on YouTube look fierce but let’s face it (ha, I made a pun), they mostly use fancy AF makeup that can be too expensive for we common folk.

Because it’s not exactly cost efficient, it’s difficult to get a jump on every poppin’ technique and beauty product backed by many bloggers. So are those of us who have bills to pay doomed to not look properly primed, contoured, baked, and strobed? Hardly!

Check it, there are many beauty bloggers that have listened to their audience bemoaning their use of only pricey products to achieve their finished looks. So many beauty bloggers are showing how to use less pricey drugstore makeup to look the look.

So first off, let’s get you the tools you need. Beauty blogger Sharifa Easmin’s must-have drugstore makeup items are the best way to start your first makeup kit. She lists drug store brand items that are just as good as high-end products, if not better.

Now let’s hop into tutorials! Some of your favorite South Asian beauty bloggers have some fabulous tutorials using mostly or only drugstore makeup.

1. Irene Sarah Mahmud Khan

Beautiful mom, wife, and beauty blogger, Khan created this highlight and contour video of mostly drugstore products.

2. Sharifa Easmin-Kabir

Easmin has quite a few drugstore only looks and favorite finds on her channel. This one is one of my favorites, it is a soft and romantic look that would suit any skin tone.

3. Nabela Noor

Noor does a phenomenal job of teaching viewers how to get those Instagram-worthy contour looks with only drugstore products! Check out this contouring and highlighting video from her page.

4. Deepica Mutyala

Mutyala is definitely one of the most popular South Asian beauty bloggers. Her channel is filled with tips and tricks on makeup, including a few drugstore looks. This first look by Mutyala is a recreation of Deepika Padukone’s Cannes look.

Check out this glowing look that is Belle inspired.

5. Farah Dukhai

The beautiful Dukhai has created quite a name for herself in the beauty blogosphere with 1.8 million followers on YouTube. Her Eid makeup video is a look created entirely by drugstore products!

She also has a video on everyday makeup you can do on the go with drugstore products.

6. Kaushal Beauty

British beauty Kaushal has some pretty awesome drugstore looks on her channel as well. Most of the products she uses can be found in England, the U.S., and Canada. Check out this Kylie Jenner inspired look she recreated with drugstore products.

You can also check out this quick, natural makeup tutorial for a simple look that you can use every day with drugstore products.

7. Zahrah Aliyah

Aliyah is an Australian blogger who brings us another simple drugstore look that is great for every day.

8. Anchal

Anchal of the channel Anchal MUA is another British beauty blogger you’ll love. She is a professional makeup artist who uses her magical skills of makeup to teach others via tutorials. Check out this drugstore look she’s posted on her channel that has a pop of color and sparkle.