Holi is the Indian festival of colors but since it’s hit the mainstream culture it’s turned into color runs and Holi club parties from March to June.

The celebration has inspired events like Holi in the City in New York City, a daytime-wear-all-white party with an open rooftop for color play, the best DJ’s in NYC, party favors, and even a dhol player. People of all races and religions to join in on the fun and break it down awkwardly on the dance floor to the latest Bollywood and Bhangra jams.

Now, if this was a Holi Festival, it would be easy to grab a white saree or Anarkali to wear, but this festival has hit the club scene these days. You can’t exactly walk into the club in your flowing white kameez Aishwarya Rai Bachchan style.

Fikar not, my friends, I’ve got the solution to your problems! Here are some tips on how you should dress for the upcoming Holi party season.


A lot of people tend to think why wear makeup when your face will be covered in colors within seconds? Well, makeup will provide a layer between the color and your skin so it can reduce the chances of any pigmentation left by the colors.

Be sure to moisturize and wear a waterproof concealer or foundation. You don’t have to spend too much time on it or go overboard with the makeup as it will be ruined by colors but you don’t want to walk into the club looking like you just rolled out of bed, right?


Keep it simple with your hair as well, it’s easiest if you tie your hair up in a pony, bun or braid so it’s out of the way and doesn’t get tangled in people’s hands when they try to attack you with colors.

Holi party organizers usually use organic colors that won’t affect their guests but you never know what will affect your hair and skin as everyone is different so it is easier to just have your hair tied as a precaution.


Try to wear shoes that are washable such as flip-flops or sandals. Ballet flats and sneakers will get ruined in the mess so if you do wear them make sure its a pair of shoes you don’t mind throwing away just in case they do get ruined beyond repair.


What to wear is the hardest part of Holi parties. It’s much easier for guys as they can just wear a plain white tee-shirt or a simple button down with jeans or cargo pants (or even shorts depending on the weather) to the party.

For girls, it gets a bit more complicated, plus we have the added concern of our clothes becoming transparent if wet. However, most Holi parties are held on the rooftops of clubs these days and water would not be allowed. The best thing to do is either dress up an old outfit or wear something cheap so that you are not disappointed in case the outfit does get ruined.

Of all the years I’ve attended Holi parties I’ve only had one top ruined by the colors so it’s not highly likely, but it does happen.

Here are some outfit options for girls:

1. Try a simple white dress with sandals, Forever 21 has this sleeveless bodycon midi dress for only $9.90. You can always dress it up with a necklace and bracelets. Long or short, a simple dress looks cute and is easy to maneuver in during the party. Just be sure to wear shorts underneath if your dress is short as there may be some running involved (depending on where your party is) so you don’t want the risk of your dress riding up. Maxi dresses are cute but they may be a lot to handle at these parties, especially if it’s so long that you’re constantly tripping over it.

2. Long white tee and leggings are the casual routes. Pair this outfit with a whole lot of bling to dress up a simple tee. You can grab a long white tee from H&M; for only $9.90! Want a little color? Try a long white striped top or floral top with your leggings.

3. For more ways to add a little color, try a loose white tee and a colorful short skirt. You could do a pop of color with a brightly colored pair of shorts or a printed skirt. It’s different and a cute option you probably already have in your closet. Or go totally boho with a floral maxi skirt and white top.

4. Plain white tops with a colorful pair of loose pants like harem pants are always a cute outfit option. If you happen to come across a cute and affordable white pair of harem pants dress it up with a colorful top.

5. Crop tops are my best friend, they’re cute, stylish and best of all cheap to find! Try a cute crop top with high waisted jeans, pleather pants/leggings or a skirt.

Check out this simple long-sleeved white crop top from Forever 21 that’s only $5.90.

6. Off-the-shoulder tops are in fashion at the moment so a cute off the shoulder white top or crop top paired with jeans and sandals is the perfect look—simple yet high fashion.

7. If it’s warm enough, try an adorable romper! An all white or mostly white romper with gladiator sandals is perfect for a Holi party. It’s cute, stylish and again easy to move around in whether you’re chasing down a friend to attack or dancing away.

8. Button down tops can be tucked in or tied at the bottom for a little extra flair. It’s simple, sophisticated and you can find affordable button down tops that won’t have your wallet in tears if you have to throw it away later.

9. Throw on a white cardigan with colorful tank tops and shorts. If you’re in a more chilly location, pair this outfit with a jeans or pleather pants to dress it up.

10. Try the desi look with a long tunic and jeans or kurti and leggings. Throw on some simple jhumkas and bangles to complete the look!