The unibrow has often been met with judgment. Your brow game has got to be on point. Or so we thought. Luckily, Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone is rocking the unibrow in her next film “Padmavati,” in which she plays an actual queen.

Her look in the film, which releases December 1, went viral on social media last week. It was met with an unprecedented amount of excellent feedback and with good reason. She looks ethereal, which should surprise no one. What stood out the most is how fabulously our girl is owning that unibrow on her forehead. It must’ve brought deep satisfaction to women around the world who have always been the victim of jokes for not caring about this whole “brows on fleek” trend.

Padukone’s fierce look got us thinking about other trendsetters in this area who have been an inspiration when it comes to the unibrow.


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The actress was met with negative reviews for her look in her early days because of her unibrow. Over the last few years, Kajol may have undergone a transformation but she will always be the OG badass babe for rocking that unibrow.

Avika Gor

Television’s favorite heroine, Gor made a name for herself from a young age. She was the protagonist on “Balika Vadhu,” her claim to fame, and followed this by appearances in other shows like “Sasural Simar Ka.” Her undeterred personality is carried forward to her look as well.

Frida Kahlo

Kahlo’s unibrow has been termed as her iconic look or statement. It’s no faux pas or gimmick. The Mexican artist should be credited for making a unibrow more mainstream than it ever was. She was the inspiration behind several others who didn’t conform to beauty norms but broke out of them.

Vidya Balan in “Begum Jaan”

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This 2017 film may not have broken any box office records but the one thing it’ll always be known for is Balan’s fierce eyebrow game. Her brows were as bold as her character. We love it!

Scarlett Costello

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The model hasn’t fallen prey to current brow trends. She unabashedly continues to wear her unibrow, which she’s had since childhood. Kudos to her for letting her natural beauty come through!