Deepica Mutyala announced that she is starting the most exciting part of her journey with the launch of her passion project, Live Tinted.

Live Tinted is the first digital community built to represent “all shades in between.” The online space may be inspired by beauty, but it delves deeper into the stories of talented women of all colors and aims to empower women in their endeavors. Their editorials, videos, and community forums encourage the underrepresented woman to “feel their best on their own terms” and to not only open up about their beauty challenges, but other issues as well.

In her new video, she cites how she is usually called on board projects as the “token brown girl” but she finds even that stereotype to be a step in the right direction because just a few years ago, there was no token Indian girl involved. Her beauty journey is what led her to the development of Tinted in the first place because she saw such a need for representation of South Asian women, Middle Eastern women, and women of other minority communities.

TheTinted Instagram page has already featured some fierce females of color like #TintTalks with actress, model, producer, and new mom Melanie Chandra, and a “Hue to Know” spotlight video on artist Babbu the Painter. Besides promoting these fabulous women, they’ve also got makeup giveaways and you can sign up on their website to receive weekly newsletters.

Coming from a family of doctors, Mutyala used the support of her favorite Harvard graduate cousin, Neilesh, to break free from the trend. She focused her love of beauty and fashion to work in the corporate sector of the beauty industry. She made her way to an internship in New York for L’Oreal right after college. She wasn’t hired for her dream job at L’Oreal after the internship, but she still managed to rock it in the beauty industry with flourishing careers at Limited Too (the parent company of Victoria’s Secret) and Birch Box.

The beauty expert and television personality then went viral in 2015 with a makeup tutorial where she used red lipstick as an under eye color corrector. One thing led to another and she found herself on morning talk shows like the “Today Show.” This young Texas girl found herself on a rapid rise to stardom as she began developing her YouTube channel alongside many other projects that helped build her empire.

Now, she’s on to changing the view of the world with her fabulous #Tinted team. She’s roped in her beloved cousin Neilesh as the president of Tinted, a talented businessman who has been her partner-in-crime since childhood. The team also consists of creative director Kate, a stylist who worked with Mutyala on the Disney princess project as well as her Wonder woman video and editorial director Sheyma who has experience working in the mainstream beauty business like Marie Claire Magazine.

Mutyala hopes Tinted becomes a home for women of all colors to find somewhere to belong. This is another step towards developing a more inclusive brand of beauty. We can’t wait to see more of the fabulous work of the Tinted team.