If you search #LiveTinted on Instagram, you will come across images of diverse, stunning women championing their beauty, success, and personal identity. This popular hashtag stems from Tinted, an online platform founded by Indian-American beauty expert and overall inspiration Deepica Mutyala.

Her YouTube channel, which started out as beauty tutorials and makeup reviews, has branched out to a more personal space for Mutyala. She often shares her personal experiences, her travels, and even features her parents in videos. The channel has amassed over 195k subscribers.

As an influencer with such wide reach, Mutyala has said she wanted to do something that empowers women and brings them together. That’s what motivated her to create Tinted. An online platform dedicated to fostering a community of diverse people, Tinted embraces ‘all shades in between.’

Mutyala said in an interview that she wanted to “create a meaningful and productive digital hub where people feel part of a real community and will feel inspired to engage with us. We want to show brands the power of this demographic of women.” Tinted does just that. It allows a plethora of different, beautiful people to put their best foot forward and change the conversation surrounding beauty norms.

#LiveTinted has not only become a way to share your story but the brand also does interviews with celebrities and influencers. Tinted is a great source for learning about new products meant for different skin tones. They have their own merchandise, including some seriously badass t-shirts and sweatshirts that read “my skin is not a trend.”

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When it comes to the idea of beauty, body image, and skin color, the society has put down its own definition of what works. Only recently have we started to see a change. In the last one year itself, Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty shook the industry when she launched 40 wide range foundations, meant for the lightest to the darkest skin.

As a woman of South Asian descent, Mutyala herself has never hesitated to speak out about her culture and heritage. Her videos include reviews of the best products for brown skin, she also does fun tutorials with her mother and father, and even takes us into her family home in Texas or events like her sister’s big fat Indian wedding.

Her Halloween costume last year, South Asian Wonder Woman, was inspiring. Mutyala also openly shared about her struggle with mental health and coping with the pressures of her industry.

She always knew she wanted to be in the beauty game and her parents were supportive of this when she quit her corporate job at Birchbox to pursue her passion. She’s been leading the charge ever since. Tinted looks like it’s only the beginning of her revolutionary goals.



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