Beauty bloggers and influencers are all the craze right now! They’re such a big help in this ever-growing beauty industry and they’re such a help to us, the measly makeup novices, to decide which products we should consume. However, for South Asians, it’s a little bit tricky to get in the game because not all the beauty items are geared towards us. Or so we thought because Deepica Mutyala is breaking that norm right. this. moment.

Mutyala has become the perfect link between the ever growing beauty world and us. Her reviews of several products help her fan base decide what will work for them. Her review of Rihanna’s new Fenty makeup was timely and on-point, she has a video of learning how to cook with her mom, she is promoting green and organic beauty products, and she is vocal about so many issues. Pointing out that her beauty lies both on the inside and out is stating the obvious.

Here’s why you should be following her:

1. Mutyala is the best in the biz, obviously

Needless to say, she is skilled at the makeup game but that’s not all. South Asians are immediately assumed to be either computer engineers, lawyers or doctors. Our girl is breaking that norm and how! After working with L’Oreal and Birchbox, she left her job to develop her own YouTube channel, which has evolved into a full-fledged brand. Here’s how I know this is true. She fell in love with makeup using MAC cosmetics (who didn’t). Now, she’s a partner for their StudioFix products. Full circle, y’all.

2. Her beauty videos and tutorials are #goals

I mean, you can’t just watch one video and stop. She reviews products, does flawless makeup, and even recreates famous looks. There’s so much to learn from her whether you’re new to beauty or think you’re a pro. Her collabs are amazing, too. There’s something about how real and funny she gets while doing her makeup that makes Mutyala super relatable.

3. She is super proud of who she is

This is so important. Mutyala doesn’t shy away from taking pride in her roots. Whether it’s finding the best looks for that glorious South Asian skin or just showing us how much she loves her family. And speaking of family, you guys, she has videos of her mom/dad/grandma doing her makeup and it’s basically a classic tutorial for us. It’s so funny. Her parents have almost turned her room in their mansion in Texas into shrine for her, and who can blame them. Also, she has the cutest make up tutorial video in Telegu, her mother tongue.

4. Basically, she should be your everyday inspiration 

Alright, let me explain why this fierce fashionista is a good role model. She always dreamt of living in New York City, and she did, in a glam AF apartment. She now lives in La La Land aka Los Angeles, expanding on her dream and living her best (and sunny) life. Her parents and family are incredibly supportive. She often does meet-ups for her “deepifam” to hang out with her followers. However, it wasn’t an easy achievement. In a recent video, Mutyala opened up about her depression, the amazing but chaotic life she was leading in NYC, and why she moved to LA. It’s all so real. Kudos to her for sharing her journey.