Beauty expert Deepica Mutyala’s list of accomplishments continue to expand. She announced the launch of her latest project, Tinted, on social media. It’s strives to build an empowering community for ‘all the shades in between.'” So far, Tinted’s Instagram account features beautiful people of color using the hashtag #livetinted.

Mutyala, an Indian-American, has always been a champion of bringing a change to how we see the beauty world. Her own YouTube channel has 134k subscribers. She regularly updates it not only with skillful makeup tutorials but also vlogs about her daily life, whether its with her family or any trips she takes. Mutyala has boldly shared some personal stories such as dealing with depression, body issues, and her own hyphenated identity.

Her look for Halloween, a South Asian Wonder Woman, became an instant sensation. Mutyala also attended this year’s Golden Globe Awards and looked stunning.

With her latest venture Tinted, Mutyala and her team are working towards highlighting (perhaps figuratively and literally) people of all shapes, colors, and races and their achievements. Even if its literally just the beginning of #livetinted, the account has already garnered almost 4k followers. Here is some of the fabulousness you’ll witness on it:

Stay tuned for more updates on Tinted and Mutyala’s other projects.