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Britney Spears Feels 13 Again; Talks About Fat Shaming in Childhood

“13 was the age I actually felt kinda pretty” is how Britney Spears initiated the conversation about what she has been through over the years on her Instagram.

Childhood and Fat Shaming

In a recent post on Instagram Britney expressed how the only time she felt pretty was when she was 13 as  those early years of rebellion made her realise that her rebellion was on this notion that she “always had to be perfect and pretty 💅🏼 .”

Britney then expressed how she went to the extreme and went all wild but still she  “felt hot as fuck 🔥 🔥 🔥 !!!.”

Her reevaluation of herself and the perception of her being pretty made Britney realize how it was the conservatism that made her into thinking that she is fat and not pretty.

“One thing the conservatorship did to me … and one of the things that hurt me the most … is that I was always being told I was fat and never good enough 😔 😔.”

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

After the divorce of the singer from Kevin, Britney started to behave erratically and the concerns for her mental welfare owing to various public incidents resulted in the establishment of a temporary conservatorship.

The Conservatorship gave the power of Spears’s finances and career decisions also her matters to her father.

Brittney told a court in June: “I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I was told right now in the conservatorship I am not able to get married and have a baby.” This shows how all her decisions were subject to approval from the conservators and this is what she talks about in her caption.

“He ruined the deep seed of my existence … the seed that made me feel beautiful like when I was 13 … my confidence … my swag … my inner dialogue … and yes even my sex life 🙊 🙊 🙊 … all completely ruined !!!”

The singer “has been faced with a decade-long nightmare, Kafkaesque nightmare orchestrated by her father and others”, her lawyer stated in one of the court hearings.

In her court appearance in June, the star asked the judge to end the “abusive” arrangement and said she was “traumatised”.

“This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good,” she said, speaking remotely. “I deserve to have a life.”

All of this struggle which Britney expressed during the Conservatorship case has been impacting her and this is what she talked about in her recent post.

End of Conservatorship and a New World for Britney

Britney talks about how the end of Conservatorship made her  feel “so good about myself !!!”

“And guess what … I stopped trying so damn hard and yes I entered a whole new world 🌱”

This new world which she explains is of her feeling beautiful in her skin, not being impacted by how fat or thin she is as per standards of the society.

We know what constant pestering does to one’s mind, when you are being told again and again the “psychological damage” always stays even if we overpower it and this is what Spears faced from her dad.

Britney ends the caption of her post by calling out her dad for fat-shaming her with the same notion as she started “I kinda feel 13 again 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😉 😉 😉 !!!” assuring us that she feels pretty again as she felt when she was 13.

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