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Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans: What are the Differences?

Trends may come, and trends may go, but the love for denim will always remain eternal.

From classic to boot-cut to low-waist, distressed, and many others – who doesn’t love a good pair of denim?

Once created for the laborers, the evolution of jeans has been remarkable. It is comfortable, versatile, and can be used for any occasion, regardless of GENDER! Today, when you shop for a pair of jeans, you will come across several choices in terms of cuts, styles, lengths, colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and brand names. All these styles are made to match and suit your personal preference and, of course, your fashion style.

Two of the most common styles of jeans that have created a huge buzz among fashionistas are Boyfriend Jeans and Mom Jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans Vs. Mom Jeans

The debate of the decade is here. Many stylists, fashion-lovers, and designers have already established their own opinions and thoughts about which one is better. Here’s our comparison of both types of denim.

Boyfriend Jeans

Who had thought that something like boyfriend jeans would be introduced and give a tough competition to mom jeans?

They are an interesting style of denim and are exceedingly fashionable and comfortable. A pair of boyfriend jeans are the opposite of your skinny denim. Thus, do not expect them to be highly fitted, for they are baggy, loose, and super comfy.

This style of denim has been around for over half a century, and it continues doing so. The rise of this fashion was firstly witnessed in the 1960s when Marilyn Monroe, the then fashion icon, was spotted wearing Boyfriend jeans on the sets of Misfits. Following this trend, other female celebs, too, wore them. And today, Boyfriend jeans have become a big fashion statement.

This style of jeans has inherited its name from boyfriend as if you have borrowed it from your boyfriend. It is because they are loose, baggy, and have long-cut legs, straight-cup hips, lower waist, and a wider crotch area.

The growing evolution in fashion has urged designers to create their own versions of boyfriend jeans. As a result, you will find it available in numerous variations – slim-fitting boyfriend jeans, shorter cut boyfriend jeans, to name a few.

As they are available in many styles, they suit all body types and are easy to style.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans became popular in the 70s among moms and housewives (hence, the name). Once considered as the least-preferred type of bottoms, they are so much in vogue today.

Mom jeans have a wide cut at the hips and crotch. They rest a little high on the waist compared to other styles and are super comfortable to wear. As they were primarily dedicated to stay-at-home females, they are outright modest. Thus, you can wear your mom jeans while running errands, going to work, meeting your friends, shopping, and other events.

This style of denim became all the more popular in the 80s, and more younger women started to wear them to flaunt their long legs and accentuated buttocks. Today, the craze of mom jeans has transcended all the boundaries and is loved at a global level. You will often spot your favorite celebrities styling mom jeans in their own way.

The good thing about this style is that they fit well on most body types and shape your hips well. They are chic and comfy. You can wear them every day too.

How to Pick?

Many stylists may suggest you choose the best pair of denim after considering your body shape and size. But let us burst the bubble – choose whatever you prefer to wear and style.

Both boyfriend and mom jeans are available in varied lengths, cuts, shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, it doesn’t matter what body shape you have. Know one thing – you will get the best pair of boyfriend and mom denim to flaunt.

Mom Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans – Which one is Better?

Whether to choose boyfriend jeans over mom jeans or vice versa is entirely subjective. While a pair of classic mom jeans are roomy in the zipper area, fitter, and a high-rise cut, boyfriend jeans are slouchy and have a straight-leg style.

Choosing what to wear and what not depends upon many things – the occasion, the top, blouse, or shirt you are pairing your denim with, your preference and fashion sense, and many others.

You can also follow some styling tips and decide what to keep and what to dump.

How to Style Mom and Boyfriend Jeans?

You can style your mom jeans and boyfriend jeans in many ways. Apart from your taste or personal preference, follow these styles to slay the look:

You can give your boyfriend jeans a casual yet elevated look by pairing them up with a bodysuit. To add more glam, wear platform sandals and add your accessories like a statement bag, pair of sunglasses, and bold hoop earrings. 

  •  If you think you can style your boyfriend jeans only for daytime occasions, think again. You can transition with this pair of denim between night and day. All you need to do is to invite a quick change of accessories, and of course, a little makeup on your face.
  •  Boyfriend jeans can also be worn at the office. You can add stylish pairings and mix and match them with your pair of denim.
  •  If you are a fan of mom jeans, buy them in different shades and get ready to pair them with a variety of tops like blouses, bodysuits, loose shirts, casual tees, and more.
  •  You can create an uptown and sophisticated look by pairing your black mom jeans with a check shirt or a satin blouse. Tie your hair up in a pony and put on your heels. You can carry this look for all kinds of occasions.
  •  A pair of blue mom jeans will give you a classy modern look. Whether you are picking a floral blouse or solid shirt, one thing is sure – it will bring a twist to your style.
  •  If you want to give a more casual hint to your look, grab your acid wash mom jeans from the wardrobe and pair them with a plain white t-shirt. Wear your accessories, carry your handbag, and you are good to go.

We hope that the above-listed classification and styling tips help you carry your pair of boyfriend and mom jeans with style!

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