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Blac Chyna Debuts Her New Bald Look On Instagram

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This is the first time Blac Chyna has experimented with various things in her life. As she flaunted almost bare in OnlyFans a few weeks ago, this was evident in how she carried herself in the last few weeks. Now that she has had her hair buzzed, she has posted a video showing what it looks like.

Chyna Shared A Clip Of Her New Buzz Cut On Instagram

Earlier this week, Chyna took to Instagram to upload a clip of her new buzz cut that she shared with the world. A recent post by Blac Chyna describes her beauty philosophy as described by her birth name Angela Renée White. A few NSFW phrases can be heard in the audio created by the user, mariamaria, which reflects her meaning.

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald woman – there’s your diamond in the rough.” That was the caption she used for her Instagram post.

The Complete Look She Wore Was So Stunning

With her tawny corset-style dress, Blac Chyna flaunted her new look while showcasing her curves and cleavage to highlight the former reality TV star’s makeover. As she wriggled around in the video, she could offer a glimpse at her from every angle, giving people a chance to see her from every angle. Throughout the video, she was seen pouting and posing without any apparent sense of self-consciousness.

There was a gold choker on the model with a symbol of the Dolce & Gabbana brand. The same company held an expansive fashion display for her rival Kim Kardashian a couple of days earlier. But, as much as Chyna’s clothing was undoubtedly attractive, her face stole the show.

It was evident that Chyna was radiant as she had flawless, dewy skin and a splash of bronzer over her cheekbones, accentuated by a sun-kissed glow. In addition to her enormous, juicy pout, her brows and eyelashes were flawless, and her brows and eyelashes puckered up to the cameras. Furthermore, this stunning model included a tag for the beauty brand she represents, Lashed Cosmetics, as a sign that she is the best advertisement for her line of products.

It Is A Glance Back At The Trends From The Past

Shaving the heads of women isn’t new to the world at all. A buzz cut is a hairstyle worn by women long before the word buzz cut is used to describe it.

In high fashion photoshoots and on the runway, Grace Jones is well known for sporting a bald head during many photoshoots and shows. When Amber Rose was dating rapper Kanye West back when they were dating, it caused quite a stir when she stepped onto the scene with him.

In a shocking move, rapper Saweetie surprised fans when she revealed that she had shaved her head for mental health reasons, citing depression as the reason for her decision. Then, not too long after that, rapper Doja Cat, who claimed that she disliked having hair, shaved her head and eyebrows.

At the moment, it seems like Blac Chyna is doing it all the time. She has posted clips of her hairstyle along with empowering captions and teased her body on OnlyFans. So I guess she has all the bases covered. Stay tuned with us for more celebrity gossip and stay up to date with all the latest news.

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