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8 Best Places To Get A Tattoo for Both Men and Women

The latest trend when it comes to fashion around the world is tattooing. People, youngsters in particular are going crazy to get tattoos inked on their bodies.

However, the tough question is to decide the best place for the tattoo on your body?

Some choose to have a tattoo honoring a memory or a loved one whereas some get it done just for artistic reasons. Moreover, a number of individuals are preferring to have permanent tattoos too on their bodies. As such, it becomes a more challenging job to decide where to get the tattoo done as once it gets inked, you won’t be able to undo it.

Speaking about the best places for tattooing, there are many. The commonly preferred places to get the tattoo inked by the young boys and girls include on the wrist, ankle, fingers, neck, lower back, and shoulders.

Top 8 Best Places to Get a Tattoo for both Men and Women

It is needed to discuss your preferred design with the tattoo artist too so that he/she can suggest the ideal place for the tattoo depending on its design. The best place for girls to get a tattoo done is on the ankle, wrist, and lower back whereas boys usually prefer tattooing on their neck, chest, or biceps.

We are sharing the 8 best places which you can consider before getting a tattoo inked on your body. So, here we go!

1. Wrist

The wrist is one of the most common and best places to get a tattoo for women. Even, men can get a tattoo done on the wrist. You can get a simple and small design inked on your inner wrist. You can even get the name of your loved one or a few words tattoed on your inner wrist. A tattoo on a wrist looks classy as well.

However, one thing to be kept in mind before getting a tattoo on your wrist is that this area is very sensitive as it has a number of nerve endings. As such tattooing here could be a little painful. Once tattooed, let it heal for some time before wearing any jewelry on that area.

2. Neck

Women mostly prefer to have a tattoo done on the back of their neck. Well, even men are considering this area to get a tattoo inked on their neck. The back of the neck can act as a nice canvas to get tattooed a design.

The good thing about getting a tattoo on the back of the neck is that you can even hide it if you want to, either with your hair or collar. Also, this area is less painful to get a tattoo done.

3. Ankle

Well, this place is preferred by women to get a tattoo and as such, it is considered as a feminine place for a tattoo. One thing to be kept in mind before thinking of getting a tattoo inked on your ankle is that it could be quite painful as it is near to the bone. However, if you feel you have good tolerance levels, you can definitely get your favorite tattoo inked on your ankle.

One can opt for a small and simple design or even a bit bigger one for the tattoo. However, do not forget that whichever tattoo you get inked cannot be hidden always, like during hot weather days. So, choose the design wisely.

4. Chest / Full Front

This is a masculine place for a tattoo. Men who prefer to have a big tattoo prefer to have a tattoo here as it offers a wide canvas for the tattoo design. That doesn’t mean, one cannot get a small tattoo on the chest. Another plus point of having a tattoo on the chest or full front of the body is that it is less painful.

Also, one can easily hide this place by wearing a shirt as at workplaces you need to be covered. Those who can be bare-chested are free to flaunt their tattoo to the world!

However, one thing to be noted is that men need to clean their body hair (chest hair) regularly either by shaving or waxing to get the tattoo design to give that perfect look.

5. Shoulders

Shoulders are one more popular place preferred by both men as well as women for a tattoo. A shoulder is another ideal place where you can get a tattoo of your choice comfortably as it is not a much painful place.

Also, a tattoo on the shoulder looks quite catchy. This is the best place if you have a tattoo to flaunt among your friends or the world like some elegant design or some loved one’s name. But just in case, you don’t want to show off, then you need to go with some other place as it would be tough to hide a tattoo on the shoulder always.

6. Back

Just like chest / full front, the back is another ideal place to get a large tattoo of your choice. Also, this place can be opted by both men as well as women for tattooing. The advantage of this place is that one can even hide the tattoo if one wants to.

Also, there won’t be much pain in that place, however, you need to bear a little when done around the spine area. After the tattoo is inked on your back, some care has to be taken while sleeping until it heals.

7. Fingers

Well, this is one unique place preferred mostly by women. You can get a tattoo done on your fingers when you want to get a special and a small delicate design inked. Also, the tattoos which you want to flaunt can only be done here as you cannot hide your fingers for sure.

However, the downside of getting a tattoo on fingers is that it is certainly a painful process. But as the tattoo would be small on fingers, your pain would also be short-lived.

8. Inner Forearm

This is another ideal place to choose if you want to flaunt your beautiful tattoo to the world. Both men, as well as women, can get a tattoo inked on this place. Also, it could be a bit painful to get a tattoo here, so have little tolerance.

So, what would be your preferred place before you get a tattoo inked on your body? Do share your feedback in our comments section.

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