Tantric sex is a Hindu practice that’s well over 5,000 years old, but its core philosophy is hardly outdated. What differentiates Tantra from how present-day society treats sex is that instant gratification is not prioritized. Rather, Tantra embodies more of a slow and steady wins the race/good things come to those who wait-type philosophy. OK, so we know that quickies are not a cornerstone of this sexual practice, but, what then is?

Firstly, its imperative to understand that Tantra is not a list of sexual do’s and don’t. It’s also not a practice that can be easily integrated overnight. Just because the sexual gratification or even mastery of Tantra isn’t immediate does mean it’s not approachable.

You see, at its core, Tantra is not about sexuality or erotica alone. It’s actually about harnessing your energy, meditating, and controlling your breathing with your partner to connect with each other, one’s own self, and a higher power/being. Tantra then is more of a spiritual practice versus sexual, akin to yoga or meditation where one needs a level of concentration and mindfulness.

Practicing controlled breathing will help you in life in general, but certainly, sexual pleasure and ecstasy can be achieved when you practice this with your partner.

Why Tantra works for couples is because the pressures of sex are off. You can relax without worrying about performance. Here are other valuable reasons as well:

-Focusing on each other creates intimacy and connects you emotionally.
-A stronger emotional connection allows for pleasure to feel more intense because you trust your partner on a deeper level.
-Your body is experiencing intense pleasure for a long time so when you do experience release it’s a culmination of intense desire and release.

If you and your partner find it difficult to maintain mindfulness or breathing then a daily incorporation of meditation will help you as a precursor to really learning Tantra.

If you’re looking to learn more about Tantra as a guided practice, visit Sacred Eros for access to a global directory of Tantra professionals.


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