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Balenciaga Launches Lay’s Potato Chips Leather Handbags for $1,800

How much are you willing to spend on a bag of chips? Balenciaga apparently wants you to shell out more than a thousand dollars for a Lay’s potato chip handbag, their newest and yet another unusual product.

The luxury Spanish fashion house has launched a leather bag in partnership with PepsiCo, which features the design of Lay’s chips pouch. While the potato chips cost $4 a bag, the leather clutches are being retailed at a whopping $1800 a piece. Read on to know more about Balenciaga’s latest luxury product.

Balenciaga Launches Lay’s Chips Handbag for $1800

The handbag has been created by creative director Demna. It features the graphic of the classic chips bag and has a metallic silver lining at the top with a zipper. Balenciaga branding is also visible at the front.

The product was first seen at Paris fashion week during the brand’s Summer 2023 ‘The Mud Show’ presentation, but it went unnoticed at the time as models clutched the bag tightly as they walked down the mud ramp.

Demma then gave customers a closer look at the bag by posting an image of it on Instagram and captioning it, “The Lay’s x Balenciaga leather chip bag.” Lay’s also posted the runway photos on their social media handle. Demma was seen carrying the clutch when he made an appearance at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts graduate show last week.

The bag comes in four different colors: green, blue, red, and yellow, representing the four different flavors of the chips brand: Limon, flamin’ hot, original, and salt & vinegar. Social media users earlier noticed similar design bags on AliExpress, but it remains unclear if those designs inspired Balenciaga’s offering.

Customers have Mixed Feelings About the Product

Social media seemed divided over how they felt about the Lay’s handbag. Some criticized Balenciaga for the product, with one user tweeting, “Balenciaga releasing a [Lay’s] potato chip bag with they name on it for $1800 is quite possibly the most preposterous, perplexing, puzzling, befuddling, bewildering, dumbfounding, stunning, jarring, hornswaggling, and downright confusing thing i’ve ever seen this year.”

“Why is balenciaga taken seriously as a brand and who comes up with these things? last week it was mud-pit fashion shows and now potato chip handbags. this has to be some sort of social experiment,” wrote another one. While some fans also seemed to like the clutch. A user tweeted, “It’s simply amazing that these are LEATHER bags. Love them.”

Balenciaga Previously Launched Trash Bag for $1790

This is not the first time that the luxury brand has made headlines for its weird product choices and exorbitant prices. Just two months ago, Balenciaga started selling trash bags for $1790.

The bag was again created by Demma, who said, “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Fans are now comparing the Lay’s bag with the branded trash bag, stating, “This is up there with their garbage bags. At this point, they’re just trolling everyone aren’t they?!”

What are your thoughts about the luxury Lay’s Handbag? Will you be spending $1800 to own the clutch? Tell us in the comments section.

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