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Balayage Vs. Highlights: Find out the Differences

How about giving yourself a makeover by coloring your hair?

Styling your hair with hair color is a great idea. There are many options to consider – global, highlights, balayage, lowlights, and others.

Two of the most common hair coloring styles of the season are balayage and highlights. While the end results of these styles may appear quite similar to each other, they follow a distinct technique.

If you are confusing highlights with balayage or vice versa, we are here to clear your confusion.

Here’s everything to know between Balayage Vs. Highlights.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word that means ‘to sweep’. This hair color technique includes painting the hair color on the surface of your hair. Balayage style doesn’t follow uniform hair coloring. Instead, the hairstylist picks random sections of your hair to color them.

The lightener or dye is painted from the midshaft. As it moves down, it becomes denser. As the color is swept on the surface of your hair, the effect looks very natural and blended.

The Balayage technique further adds highlights to your hair without using foil. It can be applied as a full balayage throughout your hair to give you a much lighter look. Moreover, you need not maintain the inevitable root grow-out just like you do for the other hair coloring methods. Balayage can be full, partial, mini, depending upon the factors like the length and density of your hair, the shape of your face, and others.

This style highlights your hair a few shades lighter than the base color, which gives more dimension and depth to your mane. The color blends seamlessly with your natural color.

What are Highlights?

As opposed to balayage, highlights are a more conventional way to lighten and add depth to your tresses. They are created using aluminum foil and saturate precise strands of hair from your root to the top. The last effect is more intense and lightening.

Under this technique, the hair strands are precisely sectioned out by weaving a pick through subsections and then wrapping these strands in aluminum foil. The effect so appears, is a more pronounced contrast between the base color and lightening hair strands.

Highlights add a beautiful dimension to your mane. The only drawback with this pattern of hair coloring is that you need to get up a root touch-up now and then to maintain the color.

What is the Difference?

While balayage is all about a visual hand-painted technique, highlights make proper sections and use foils. The results of balayage are often subtler than highlights. You can personalize the color placement in this technique by talking to your hairstylist. They will place lighter colors in all the areas to accentuate your skin tone, look, facial features, and others.

Which Method is the Best for Me?

If you do not want your hair color to show too much and keep everything subtle and blended, opting for balayage is a great idea. The results are deeper and more natural. On the other hand, if you do not mind a complete makeover and want to experiment with different tones, hues, and colors – make highlights your go-to option.

Whether you pick balayage or highlights, ensure to take proper care of your hair as the presence of chemicals may be damaging in the long run.

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