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Ariana Grande Launches Body Care Line Called ‘God Is A Woman’

The Grammy-winning singer has been releasing fragrances for the past 7 years. After a successful launch of God Is A Women in 2021, she is all set to launch her first body collection by the same name.

The name God Is A Woman is taken from one of her songs. There was a lot of controversy around the song as it is sexual in nature and many people felt it was disrespected.

She also got sued for copyright infringement over the image of a woman in the candle flame used in the music video for the song.

Fans were waiting for this drop for a long time. The color theme of the body care line is the same as the song. Ariana Grande filed for the trademark for ‘God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande’ back in April of 2021. Fans have been waiting for the announcement for more than a year now.

More About The Products

The body care line will not only give you a healthy glow but will also help you smell amazing. All the products have been priced economically and are under $40. There are 4 products in the first launch of the body care line.

Ariana Grande  shared the news on her Instagram page. She wrote, “After seven+ years of creating fragrances, i’m beyond excited to announce that today we have finally launched our very first full body collection !!!!!”

Talking about the range of the products, she said that it “includes four God Is A Woman scented products: a body scrub soufflé (my favorite), a body oil (my other favorite – tied for first), a hand and body cream, and a deluxe travel sized version of the fragrance.”

She also went on to add that the products were clean. The Thank U, Next singer wrote “each product was developed with clean, vegan, sustainably sourced, beautiful ingredients ie: coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil and lots of love.”

Grande also mentioned how she is “excited and proud of this step”. The sweetest part was when she said how it “never gets old to me when people tell me that they love our fragrances or when I smell them on someone and they say ‘thanks, it’s yours!’. 🙂 it’s an honor to create things and to then see you enjoy them in every / any capacity(sic)”.

She ended the post by thanking Ulta Beauty for being the “most incredible retail partners”. All the products are free of any parabens, microplastics, and phthalates.

Ariana Grande’s Net Worth

Ariana Grande has been very successful with her perfume launches. Her collaboration with LUXE brands made her a whopping $150 million in around 2 years.

That figure was back in 2017. Considering how the singer continued making perfumes for 5 more years and finally launched her body care line, she is going to be considerably richer.

Apart from that, her brand deals, record sales, and tour make her around $20 to $30 million each year. Between 2019-2020, she made well over $70 million. The 29-year-old’s net worth is already over 200 million. She is well on her way to becoming the next self-made billionaire.


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